2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe showed virtually no camouflage

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe showed virtually no camouflage

Mercedes-Benz  is one of the major brands that provide food for the community photographe, as they constantly a lot of models in different phases of testing.


Let’s make a list of models that currently go as prototypes: On-the Class Cabriolet Technical ,  the AMG the E63 with its version of the T-Model, a standard touring the E-the Class , the Maybach the E-the Class , redesigned the S-the Class , the AMG the GT the R and GLC the Coupe , which we see in the pictures in the news. Probably, there are several other models that we just can not remember right now. The list is impressive, many new products is difficult to imagine another prestigious automaker.

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For ordinary people, the most awaited car of all perhaps is the AMG E63, but we are willing to bet,  the Mercedes-Benz is more interested in his other – GLC Coupe. Since sales of crossovers and SUV segment continues to grow, Mercedes will be able to make a lot of money on this. And the money – this is a resource that allows the company to continue to produce cars like AMG GT R or any other model with AMG badge on his body.

The front end is largely identical old version, but with some distinctive features. At the grille, for example, the other grid pattern, and only one horizontal line is held by its center, while the bumper, which can be seen in the photographs of several test prototypes represented in two different ways. Perhaps the differences are dictated by the fact that the crossover is equipped with a visual package the AMG , and the second is not. Apart from this, both machines will not be distinguished, if we look at them from the front angle.

Change the angle of view of at least a little, and it becomes apparent that the roof line in two versions held in different ways ( in restyling and be for restyling). And it gives a completely different perception of the new crossover. He began to look stylish even in certain angles more interesting than the earlier model, and even senior crossover, GLE Coupe.

1458137289_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_18 1458137316_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_15 1458137288_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_16 1458137310_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_17

As for the back of the GLC Coupe, the photos show, it will seriously resemble the trunk GLE the Coupe , with broad, red rear lights and white stripes direction indicators and two red stripes marker lamps underneath. Chrome strip also appears nowhere does not go away, and the lower part of the bumper, is likely to be less aggressive than the older model.
1458137309_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_13 1458137335_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_12 1458137257_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_11 1458137274_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_14

In general, from a visual standpoint, GLC Coupe car is more balanced than the GLE Coupe. Adds the pros and that it also comes with a much more thought out interior and a good choice of engines and transmissions (the same as on a standard GLC). The only thing in our opinion, what GLE bypasses the GLC, the interior space, in the crossover «E-class” it is clearly more.

1458137305_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_10 1458137269_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_7 1458137300_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_9 1458137277_2017-mercedes-benz-glc-coupe-shows-up-virtually-unmasked_8

2017 Mercedes-Benz Coupe, is expected to debut later this year. Arrive in dealerships at the end of 2016 or at the most at the beginning of 2017. In any case, expect a large number of these beautiful and pleasant in all respects of cars on the streets of all cities in the world.