2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

Test drive BMW M2: the Model 2017.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

In 2017 the world market comes one of the most important models of BMW M2. This machine is slightly less than M3, as well as a bit cheaper. But what is most surprising, despite the fact that M2 is smaller in size, this model judging by the reviews of experts can give you more driving pleasure than any other car BMW available for purchase today icon M. But after driving for just five minutes ironically many of those who test this model received the disappointment. But after driving more time you begin to realize that initial impressions about the car were wrong.

It is worth noting that in recent years, many leading automotive publications proclaimed BMW M2, almost the second coming of the Messiah. Someone even awarded a M2 award “Best car of the year”. Some experts say that the car is perfect and perfect. Even Jeremy Clarkson has included BMW M2 to your stellar list of cars in 2016. Is everything really so perfect? You know, in the network there are also many critics about the new model BMW. Though it was written a lesser-known experts. In any case, all this hype around M2, leads to strange thoughts. That’s why we decided to find out whether the new “emka”, can turn our vision of a modern Bavarian cars.

Just want to say that our colleagues who have tested M2 in urban environments and on the road were disappointed with the behavior of the car under normal conditions. According to them, there is a feeling that it was like they were testing a different car. It just can’t be so many well-known experts and world automobile magazine got it wrong, praising the new M2? Why is the test sample to disappoint our colleagues, while half the world declare that it is the best that was made by the engineers from Bavaria over the past decade?

Briefly, during the test drive M2 in normal conditions seemed not comfortable, the gearbox worked as it should, and the engine sound and exhaust note, which is heard in the cabin seemed somehow too fake. What’s the matter? Not really authoritative experts made a mistake, expressing his opinion about M2?

Actually no. The whole point of this machine is shown only when M2 hits the track. This is her element. It is on a racetrack, M2 starts not just to impress, and impress. That’s why this car really deserves many awards. Yes, only on the track new from BMW takes on the true meaning of his destiny.

The king is dead, long live the king!

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

Remember, when the company BMW made a model M1 in the back Е82, she made a splash on the sports car market. It is noteworthy that this model still remember with delight not only fans of the Bavarian brand, but all those who are not indifferent to the Motorsport and sports car. You know what the secret of success M1?

That it is at that time was the best high-tech Frankenstein in the sports car world. The BMW engineers to create the M1 took the best ingredients from their shelves, on which were existing solutions, technologies and components for models M-series and it all installed in a small car. For example, even now many of the technologies used in the 1st sound crazy: twin-turbo engine six-cylinder, rear-wheel drive, a manual gearbox with six steps and many other sports technologies, which are still not obsolete. Many experts even argue that 1M is the perfect modern even for our time with the car. There’s only one problem. BMW no longer produces a model 1M (Е82). Many fans of the M series BMW’s were disappointed by this event and could not forgive the company’s withdrawal from the market one of the best models of our time.

Initially the company BMW has announced that it is launching a 1M model in a limited series (2700 PCs). But due to high demand for the model, the company had urgently to change something. In the end the series went a different model, created on the basis of 1M, which already had increased the production plan. The net 1M ceased in the end to release in 2012. In fact, this series of cars was produced only a partial year.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

When BMW announced the 1M model is no longer produced, many fans of sports cars still regret that did not buy this model. 6309 just sold BMW 1 -series M Coupe (the whole world). Agree, this is nothing on a global scale, given the huge demand.

As a result, many fans of the M-series BMW thought that now this will never happen again. But in 2016, the company BMW has done for the world a gift of enormous value. She announced the release of M2. This is an amazing opportunity to purchase a small “m” those who do not have time to buy THE 1 series. This is the most affordable M-series model range BMW. So, long live the modern new era of Bavarian cars. I hope that this time company will not disappoint all those who know a lot about M cars of BMW.

Appearance and technical characteristics

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

Let’s face the truth. The model M2 looks better than 1M. For many BMW fans, the 1M model is always the best car including part of the design. And indeed it is. The fact that the 1M model created on the basis of a small coupe (1 series BMW) which was modified with graceful massive bumpers, a more exaggerated fenders and large wheel drives sports, and sports rubber. In the end, 1M perfect sports car, with an amazing aggressive beauty despite the size, which is unique.

And despite the fact that true beauty only in the eye of the beholder, we truly believe that a huge mass of people who liked the model 1M can’t be wrong.

With regards to M2, the design of the model was controversial. Your perception of the machine will depend on depends from what angle you’re looking at. But unfortunately, many have noted that from all angles the car looks amazing in design and perfect.

From here we have a question to the M division of BMW, why carefully crafted lines and style are only some of the individual parts of the 2-series which is made of M2.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

But despite such criticism, the overall design of the M2 looks nice and modern. Even in white (Alpine White) this car looks quite acceptable. By the way this color available at no additional cost. For other colors (only available in four colors) will have much to pay. With regards to the interior there is traditionally very simple, and as always, all utilities are exactly where you need it.

We have the impression that if you put the person with closed eyes who never sat in M2, he will probably find all he needs in the car with the help of intuition. Although of course we naturally don’t want behind the wheel was a man with a blindfold. We prefer driving a sports car is still sitting a sighted driver…

By the way M2, the engineers somehow managed to avoid the natural longing that occur during navigation according to the infotainment system of the BMW, which is installed on conventional cars. For example, on the latest models of the 7 series infotainment system has about 3000 of settings, ranging from driving modes (Comfort, Comfort Plus Mode, sport mode and Sport Plus, with more options and different ponastroit hidden in a submenu navigation. It can be frustrating for even the youngest and most savvy people are well competent in automotive electronics. M2 everything is much easier, and really not annoying.

In M2 you can choose three driving modes: Comfort, sport and Sport Plus. That’s all. Simplicity and brevity is the main success of any product. To select modes you need to press a nearby switch. Also, the infotainment system there is no unnecessary complicated add-on lighting or temperature settings of your seat.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

By the way BMW this time showed unexpected restraint in not posting at all car brand logos in the form of letter “M” or logos “M2”. Usually in the “Emok” Bavarians like to put logos in the interior wherever possible. Yes, there is a special stitching interior thread of carbon fiber, there is a corrugated black logo “M” on the backs of the seats. That’s basically all that outwardly distinguishes the salon M2 from the normal versions of the 2-series as a complete package.

By the way M2 now, by default, always has an automatic stability control system. In the end, if you really want to completely control the machine independently, you will have to disable the automation. But the worst thing is that if you suddenly need to urgently return to automatic control of the system over the stability, then do you will not succeed. In certain situations it is extremely really might need. But alas. The system automatically turns on only after you turn off the car and start the engine again.

In the city

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

Before you go on a sport route, our colleagues, and drove on M2 via new York, which was surprisingly not the worst place to learn and understand the car.

In the city during the test you will immediately feel all the charm of a sports oriented car. For example, regardless of which driving mode you turn on, you will feel and learn what a real hard sport suspension. Even in the comfort mode during continuous operation of the machine, you will get discomfort. That is, suspension in M2 is always hard regardless of settings.

Driving this car in the city, every second of the dream as quickly as possible to leave the city at least in a direct way, in order to drown a pedal in a floor. By the way, pressing the pedal to the floor, you will hear the familiar sound of the BMW engine in the cabin. But actually this sound is artificial, coming from audio speakers of the car. Therefore, the company BMW has decided not to disappoint fans of the brand the quiet sound of the motor M2. In the end, they had to reinforce and tweak your sound to those who bought M2 was satisfied. But the result was not quite perfect. The sound is artificial sound in the speakers does not seem real and not very good.

Despite the fact that the tested M2 was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, at high speeds the car engine is running at uncomfortably high revs that long trip tired, because of the loud monotone sound. But because of the six speed car is economical. The average fuel consumption during the test was 10.3 liters per 100 kilometers. And it’s a given that the machine during the test was about 400 miles in different driving modes and under various loads.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

This does not mean that M2 with a 6 speed manual transmission fully upsetting. Actually M2 mechanics are ready to make you forget all the disadvantages under other conditions of operation of the vehicle. For example, on the track. But if you really feel that a 6-speed manual transmission in for this car not enough, BMW is ready to give you the option to install on a machine box with double clutch, which has 7 speeds.

Sport track: where it begins to surprise BMW M2

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

Believe me, on the way to the Speedway, you’ll notice there may be more cons in the new model M2. But arrived at the sports track and after just one lap, you will realize that you are driving one of the most incredible and awesome cars. The belief that you will get the feeling that the track you are driving a completely different car, but not like any that which you largely upset when driving on city and suburban public highway.

Only on the track starting to understand why BMW engineers did such M2. Because M2 is ready to literally help you on the track to pass next round even faster. To do this, the tachometer of the engine is displayed on a screen of the infotainment system.

If you are skilled enough driver new M2 will also allow you to take corners at maximum speed without harming driveability.

In the end, on the track you begin to realize that this car actually does not need the 7th gear. The fact that the sport track, 6-speed manual transmission is perfectly gives you to use every horsepower, 3.0-liter 365-horsepower turbo engine.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

Sometimes you may even seem that the power of the motor M2 has even more power than stated by the vehicle manufacturer.

Want to start like a rocket? No problem. Pressing the pedal to the floor, you won’t even have time to realize that the speed exceeded 100 km/hour. Want to enter the turn drifting. No problem. The car allows it and even encourages. M2 will do everything perfectly and accurately according to your request.

So it was on auto racing you’ll understand why BMW made such hard suspension that I already felt discomfort in the city.

And finally we wanted to say a little about the brakes M2, which in principle do not upset us even in the city. But the true uniqueness of the braking system again, you will be able to understand only on the sport track. BMW M2 are ventilated disc brakes M-Compound, which will not fail you in any style of driving. During the test M2, the expert noted that not for a moment lost confidence in the braking system, even at high speed and at passage of dangerous turns.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city


2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

On the way back our colleagues, “enjoying” on the highway the noise from the engine coming from the speakers, when moving on the 6th, but feeling all the small bumps in the road thanks to a stiff suspension, none of them found drawbacks in M2. And each of them realized that this car has all the same meaning.

And each of them mentally back on track, where M2 has shown itself impressive. Because the track behind the wheel of each felt himself the professional world of Motorsport, despite the lack of such experience. But despite this the car has allowed for even non-professional to ride on the track at the limit and did not bring unpleasant and dangerous surprises. That’s really impressive!

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

So as we have said BMW M2 makes more sense on the track than on the streets. So for us personally this car is to buy those is actually going to spend time at the sports track to improve driving skills, as well as those who are not indifferent to the Motorsport.

The value of M2 starts in Russia from 3,650,000 rubles (manual transmission). In the US this car costs $ 62,000. If you want to buy a car with a transmission with double clutch, then cook for a minimum 3,980,000 rubles.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

But despite the huge cost, this machine is really worth the money, but only if she will mostly be used for sporting trips in specialized areas.

In addition, buying an M2, you probably won’t lose your money over time due to natural losses in the market value of the car. Because M2 may repeat the fate of the BMW 1M, and will be quickly phased out. Then when you purchase the M2, you will not only gain a powerful, unique sports car, but make a real investment in the future, with the opportunity to earn good dividends.

2017 BMW M2 fantastic car for the track, but not for the city

And the chances are it really is.