2015 Mercedes G-Class: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

For those who want to buy a Mercedes G-Class in 2015

2015 Mercedes G-Class: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

There were times when the Mercedes G-Class SUV was fairly utilitarian. Having started life as a military vehicle, Mercedes-Benz for many years remained the workhorse for people who needed a really passable, very reliable and hardy car. Such a view in Europe, particularly in Germany, with respect to the G-Class conserved among older people so far.


On the other hand, know this car in such countries as the United States and Russia. To us it came much later, and of course our people got to know him as a brutal, expensive and pathos of the vehicle. Reliability and permeability stayed with Gelendvagenom, but the old German added a chic interior, a huge amount of engines, gasoline engines range. All affected the price tag upwards and now for a long time  G-Class can be rightly called a luxury SUV.

Driving experience of the new G-Class


Take for example, is not the most top-end version of the G63 AMG. Its 571 hp enough to “pulnut” This 3-ton SUV to 100 km / h in just 5.4 seconds sekundy-, to be exact. The maximum speed of 210 km / h is attained even after a short period of time.


It is important to note that the “square” is able not only to accelerate in a straight line, but also relatively well controlled, even at speed. Of course, if compared to the handling of his classmates, which would set no speed records Gelendvagen, he still remains in first SUV, althoughthe head outperforming its closest competitors.


Its dynamic working every detail, take for example the low-profile tires mounted on the G63 AMG and the new restyled bumper, teeming with a variety of air ducts, everything is done to the maximum, in order to improve the aerodynamics and increased downforce. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the essence of brutal off-road vehicle that does not change, we have all the same army jeep from the 70’s, not to kill and very powerful.


As before, this car is perfect for off-road, tough frame and body perfectly resists torsional stress, G-Class one of the few production cars equipped with three interlocked differentials (interaxle and two interwheel).

Even on a gasoline engine, it can show the wonders of cross … if “pereobut” standard road tires, something annoy. Then the jeep stuck on this will be problematic.


Visibility from the driver’s seat is excellent, new reystalingovaya (G-Class has passed its third restyled in 2015) dashboard perfectly visible from every conceivable angle and steering settings and seating. Inside quality finishing at the highest level. *


* Of course it will be so, because Gelendvagen G63 AMG is not much cheaper Ferrari 2015 model year! It has as much horsepower and accelerates even not much slower than the Italian sports car.


The siege of a huge SUV with dizzying speeds can only powerful brakes. Our G-Class are huge discs and calipers AMG, which have incredible tenacity and dedication.

It’s hard not to pay attention to the side exhaust system. It gives a special atmosphere AMG G-Wagen, and uterine sound was very busy.This stern pooh-pooh-pooh not be confused with anything. Geleka do not need to pretend he really brutal around. For example, Range RoverSVR, no match for the German, English exhaust compare urban SUV and German real SUV, understand the difference immediately.


Yet for all its monumentality and indestructibility on Gelendwagen best ride on a paved road and not throw it to overcome off-road.


2016 Mercedes G- Class. Engines
 Engine Maximum power (hp)
Maximum torque (Nm)
G 350 BlueTEC (diesel engine)
211 / 3,400 rev / min 540 / 1.600- 2.400 rev / min
5.5 liter Turbo V8 387 / 6.000 / min 530 / 2.800- 4.800 / min
5.5 liter Turbo V8 AMG 544 / 5,500 rev / min 760 / 2.000- 5.000 / min
6.0 liter V12 AMG 612 / 4.300- 5.600 / min 1000 2.300- 4.300 / min

German engineers themselves hint at it. Gasoline engine- with athletic 500+ horsepower KPP- automatic 7-speed. It was she, not least, allows G-Class to accelerate so quickly. Shiny- low-profile traffic, the dimension 275/50 R20. Discs also not for bezdorozhya- 20×9, 5J. Salon … you would dare to sit in this room, not like in the knee kirzachah dirty, but even in dusty boots ?!

On the other hand, it is not a true sport utility vehicle. Sport SUV / crossover Cayenne is Porsche,  Range Rover Sport or a  Mercedes GLS in the maximum configuration. In them there is beauty and aerodynamics at altitude.


Gelendwagen, meanwhile, itself, stands out for a long time and has created its own niche, unsinkable classics. For this and appreciate it, because of that he is such fabulous money.

2016 Mercedes G- Class. Flow Rate (liters / 100 km)
 G 350 BlueTEC (diesel engine) 5.5 liter Turbo V8 5.5 liter Turbo V8 AMG 6.0 liter V12 AMG
Mixed cycle 11.1 14.9 13.8 17.0
City cycle 13.6 20.0 17.2 22.7
Country cycle 9.8 11.9 11.8 13.7


Which version of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz G-Class to buy


Looking for something to use the car. The choice Class-G is not big four variants, wherein only one diesel.

If the operation of a restyled version will not go beyond the road, it is preferable to choose a model G 500. She dynamics and good power for a heavy SUV pohodyaschaya- 421 hp
G63 AMG is much higher. He’s under the hood 5.4-liter engine, it is more powerful than the G 500 to 150 hp And in fact seems to be better at everything, but there is a caveat … Ask yourself, why do you need such a wild dynamics in the SUV? How often do you go with the trigger on the floor? To this end, there are more adapted cars. And most importantly, any Gelendvagen pathos, even the diesel version, but if you’re so anxious to show the high status of knowledgeable people, it is better to choose the third option.


Finally, a fourth embodiment. Diesel G-Class. The most inexpensive in the top four. But he just has the greatest potential. From it with minimal alterations can make a real SUV. It is in fact indistinguishable from gasoline versions, and it is also possible to go to a business meeting. It is dynamic and practical. We vzglyad- diesel Gelendwagen- ideal.

Important facts and specifications of 2015 Mercedes-Benz G- Class 63 AMG:

Capacity: 650 kg

Fuel: 95 octane

Fuel tank / incl. Reserve: 96/14 liters

The maximum allowable gross weight: 3,200 kg

Fuel consumption:

13.8 l / 100 km combined cycle

17.2 l / 100 km urban cycle

11.8 l / 100 km Country cycle

Safety Rating: tests are not passed

Transmission: 7-speed automatic

Drive: Full