20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Here are the Top 20 cars that have traveled over 1.5 million km.

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

When your car serves you for a very long time you may feel that you’ve hit the jackpot. After all, your monthly expenses for owning a car deteriorates over time, which in terms of the whole period of ownership reduces the annual loss associated with the operation of the machine. Also, over time decrease your insurance costs. At this point, many car owners start to think that their car is special that will last forever. In particular this applies to owners whose cars reached 500 thousand.

But unfortunately, according to world statistics, the majority of cars despite a decent 20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 kminterim results will not be able to pass even to 800 thousand km, not to mention the bar at 1 million km, But this does not mean that run over 1 million km. it’s incredible and that car is not capable of.

This is not so. In the world there are many examples of cars that were more than 1.0-1.5 million kilometers. We did a little digging in the history of the automotive world and selected for you the most interesting cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km And so let’s start with smaller mileage. Then eventually we get to a world record, the mileage of which is almost 5 million kilometers.

  • 20. 1964 Porsche 356C

Mileage: 1 000 km 600

The new guy mark from San Pedro (California) got your Porsche 356C (1964 edition) as a gift to your high school prom from his father in 1960-ies. More than 50 years later new mark still had his blue Porsche, when the car’s odometer has exceeded 1.6 million kilometers.

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

It is noteworthy that the new mark drove my car every day since then when his father gave him such a magnificent gift.

What is the secret of this car? According to the owner, the secret is simple: regular maintenance after every 5,000 kilometers for the entire 50 year period of ownership.

  • 19. 2007 Toyota Tundra

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 000 km 600

Please note the date of the car. Yes, Yes this SUV despite its young return (model number 2007) have traveled more than 1.6 million kilometers. His owner’s name is Vic Sheppard. He’s from Louisiana, USA.

Surprisingly, but the owner traded 1 600 000 km in 9 years of owning a SUV. This run Sheppard clocked mostly during trips between his home state and North Dakota. He also traveled to Virginia. The average car annually drove about 200 thousand kilometers.

When Toyota found out about Sheppard and his car, she traded his old car for brand new. By the way, at the time of transfer of the old machine, she looked for his 9 years as new. Amazing considering the distance that drove this SUV.

  • 18. 2006 Honda Civic

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 500 thousand km + 700 thousand.

It is believed that Honda Civic with the proper address to the machine and regular maintenance will easily pass 500 thousand kilometers. But the Floor Habib managed to do so on the odometer of his Honda Civic in just 5 years, a mileage of 1.2 million kilometers.

But that was not the end. Five years later, the car went on to serve his master with good faith and fidelity, exchanged after a time the mark of 1.6 million kilometers. However, there is information that where-that of 800 thousand still Floor Habib changed the engine, buying a new one. Nevertheless, still impressive. By the way, for cars Honda Civic mileage more than 500 thousand kilometers are not uncommon. Unfortunately, not in our country, where the quality of fuel, engine oil, and maintenance is poor.

  • 17. 1987 Volvo 240

Mileage: 1 500 000 km +

Selden Cooper bought his Volvo 240 back in 1987. In the end he managed to drive more than 1.5 million kilometers. This level the car crossed in 2012. By the way before Cooper also owned a Volvo 164-E 1975 release, which he sold with a mileage of 400 thousand kilometers.

So as you can see Volvo cars really early could be considered vehicles purchased forever.

  • 16. 1996 Dodge Ram

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 700 000 km +

Traditionally it is considered that SUVs-pick-UPS much tougher than traditional SUVs. As you know the pickups are most in demand in the US, where people often love to travel across America. It is not surprising that in this country there are many pickup trucks with great mileage. The most famous of the pickups SUVs is the Dodge Ram, bought by Dan Edelman in 1996. In the end, the owner has wrapped driving Ram more than 1.7 million kilometers. The secret of Dan’s simple: self service auto and knowledge to repair the car.

  • 15. 1988 Volvo 740 GLE

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 600 000 km +

A resident of Grover beach, California, Vic Dres bought his Volvo 740 GLE with a clear goal – to wind while driving more 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers). In 2014, the owner has passed this mark and continued to set records using the machine.

According to Dresa such a run was achieved thanks to not only the regular oil change, filters, hoses, belts, etc., but also careful attitude to the whole car. In addition, the main factor according to the owner is the quality of the installed parts. Of course if the owner would put on my car aftermarket parts, then this run would not have been able to achieve.

  • 14. 1989 Saab 900 SPG

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 611 000 km +

The American Peter Gilbert from Wisconsin, bought in 1989 Saab 900 SPG that passed 1 611 572 kilometers. This mark on the speedometer, the car crossed in 2006.

At the moment the machine is in local museums.

  • 13. 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 600 000 km +

Before you car that embodies the classic era Mercedes-Benz. This car is a 1970 and has driven over 1 million miles (1.6 million km). In 2005, when Mercedes found out about this car she bought it from the owner to put it in the museums of the concern in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • 12. 1994 Honda Accord

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 740 000 km +

Fans of the Honda cars not really surprised when the cars of this brand are passing more than 500 thousand km, 1 million km or more. the fact that in the world over the long history of the company there were many record high mileage Japanese cars. The most notable car is the Honda Accord of the sample in 1994, which is owned by the cartographer who drove this car 1 740 000 km. However, as in the case of the Honda Civic sedan Honda Accord drove first 1 126 000 km Then owner had to repair the engine. In the end, after the repair the vehicle has traveled another 600 thousand. by the Way the car also did not belong to the same owner. The first owner sold the car when the mileage was 643 thousand.

  • 11. 1991 Honda Accord

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 600 000 km +

As you can see in our ranking of cars with the highest mileage is not the only model Honda Accord. 11-th place in our Top is also the eponymous car, which had several owners.

We are talking about the fourth generation model which was produced from 1989 to 1993.

By the way this proves once again that with the passage of time and the emergence of new models of the Accord remained reliable and high quality sedan. It lasted until 1997, when the market was entered by the fifth generation of the sedan, which unfortunately, could not compete in strength and location from the old models.

  • 10. 2006 Ford F-250

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 600 000 km +

Here is another representative of pickups, SUVs, which also boasts a large mileage.

So, Phil Marcello from Florida was driving his pickup truck in an average of 320 thousand km per year. But after a few years, when the mileage was more than 640 thousand km, the engine failed. In the end, the owner did not carry out major repairs of the power unit and chose to buy the engine in a landfill. As a result, this motor was 1 280 000 km total in the five years the owner of a Ford F-250 traveled 1.2 million kilometers.

By the way Phil Marcellin and still operates the truck and is already possible today traveled 3 million km.

  • 9. 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 1 960 000 km +

The company Ford has its own hall of fame of the car with superking runs. Also the same car boasts a Chevrolet. For example, thanks to this car, which belongs to a married couple Hugh and Tammy Pennington of USA. They bought this car for use after the devastating hurricane Katrina. In the end, in just 6 years, the couple traveled by SUV 1 960 000 km.

Their secret to high mileage is not revolutionary. As usual. Oil change every 8,000 km and constant maintenance of the car clean. It is possible to keep the car, protecting it from the salty roads in the winter from the huge amount of snow.

  • 8. 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250SE

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 2 060 000 km

Mercedes coupe 60-ies and 70-ies is not only looks bullet proof and super reliable. This proved the owner of the Mercedes-Benz 250SE 1966 issue. True, this car went through several owners. The first owner of the car drove 1 411 000 km.

Then the car was sold in good condition the new owner, who drove another 560 thousand km Then the car again changed its master, who has achieved incredible mileage of 2.06 million kilometers.

  • 7. 1991 Chevrolet Silverado

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 2 080 000 km

Frank Orestan worked as a driver transporting steaks and seafood from Wisconsin to Chicago for his personal Chevrolet Silverado 1991 release, which he bought in 1996 with mileage 66 thousand km.

In 2008, his truck exchanged the mark of 1 million miles – 1.6 million km.

A few years later the mileage on the SUV counted for 2.08 million km Frank Orestan believes that the main merit in this mileage, the first owner who sold him the car is in perfect condition. In the end, he said, in the future, scheduled maintenance, and care of the car, allowed him to drive more than 2 million km.

  • 6. 1983 Lincoln Town Car

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 2 090 000 km

Chet Belisle from Kansas, USA was able to drive his Lincoln Town Car 1983, to pass 2.09 million km About the owner of the world has learned from CNN, which made a programme about an amazing car and its owner.

According to Belisle, the car never broke, despite the fact that his odometer repeatedly returned to zero upon reaching the mileage 999 999 km.

The secret of the reliability according to the owner it is a timely replacement of parts before the release of their failure. In the end, as it turned out Odd Beliss the time of possession and Lincoln Town Car have replaced almost all the factory parts.

  • 5. 1963 Volkswagen Beetle

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 2 590 000 km

There is one remarkable thing in most cars that can achieve mileage of 1-2 million km, Almost all vehicles had excellent build quality.

With the exception of the rating is the Volkswagen Beetle, which albert Klein bought in 1963 for 19 $ 600. This car had a cheap interior and side mirrors cost $ 5. Also, the design of the Volkswagen Beetle you will find lots of cheap parts. So this car was not built for the long haul. However, its owner managed to drive Volkswagen Beetle 2.59 million kilometers. The car has reached the peak of the resource only in 1987. However by this time the car engine was moved seven times.

  • 4. 1963 Plymouth Fury

Mileage: 2 610 000 km

To achieve a mileage of 2.61 million miles on one car you need to exercise over him a special care and good luck. Unfortunately most cars are not passing and 1 million miles, going to the dump or the press. And even those, for which their owners are also followed. The fact that in addition to the timely service, repairs, a good mechanic and quality parts you need plain luck.

It helped Joseph Vilankulu in Montreal to behind the wheel of his Plymouth Fury 1963 issue to pass in record time distance 2 610 000 km. by the Way this run only a few have fallen short to Guinness world records.

  • 3. 1979 Volvo 245 GL

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 2 620 000 km

Here’s another Volvo in our ranking. Agree, this is already clearly suggests that indeed the cars of this brand meant for eternal use. The history of the Volvo 245 GL began in 1979 and ended in 2014, when the car has reached the mileage of 2.62 million kilometers.

It is noteworthy that this car was used for corporate purposes of the Finnish company SE Makinen.

According to the Manager of this mileage, the car reached thanks to a timely maintenance schedule, as well as hands and the head master, who in time noticed any deficiencies and malfunctions of the car.

  • 2. 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Mileage: 4 590 000 km

Mileage 1 600 000 km a rarity, but nevertheless, no longer in amazement, because there were cars that were more than 3 million kilometers. But the greater delight of the cars that managed some incredible way to pass 4 million. this figure is really rare a great achievement for all types of vehicles.

Before you machine the legend at the wheel has driven over 4 million kilometres a Greek taxi driver Gregorios Sachinidis. The primary mileage of the car, which amounted to 4.59 million km occurred in the period from 1981 to 2004.

At the time this machine was unique in the entire model line of the company with such a huge mileage in the entire history of the brand.

As a thank you Mercedes offered the taxi driver exchange old car for new. In the end, the owner of the old Mercedes-Benz 240D agreed, giving my car to the Museum, received really brand new C-class.

  • 1. 1966 Volvo P1800

Odometer: 4 800 000 km

We have already written to you about this unique car and its owner. We are talking about old Volvo P1800 sample 1963. His only owner was able to drive behind the wheel of more than 4.8 million km.

Incidentally it is worth noting that this is not the only Volvo P1800 in the world with high mileage. Has officially confirmed the facts about several vehicles that drove more than 4 million. However, with a run of 4.8 million kilometers, there is only one car.

Its owner IRV Gordon said about his incredible achievement in 2014, hitting a world record in the Guinness book of records. At that time the machine has been 4.89 million kilometers.

20 cars that traveled more than 1 500 000 km

Naturally, many in the world wanted to ask the owner what his secret of keeping the old car. He also, like many said, the main thing is to observe the time limit planned maintenance of the machine, regularly changing motor oil, transmission oil, filter etc. he Also recommends that you often wash the car on a qualitative expensive car washes. But most importantly, according to him, this is the original parts, but of course the hand of the master.

Also IRV Gordon advises to trust more to the manufacturers than the dealers. So is the Cup to listen to what says the manual of the manufacturer, not advice managers and masters of dealerships.

You must agree that the people who designed, built the car know best how to maintain it.