19 genius life hacks that will make you say, “How didn’t I think to do this sooner?!”

Here are some of the best life hacks that will make you wonder.

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

You wonder how in the world there are tips for life? Of course, they are countless. But among the huge amount of hacking, there is a special category, which includes brilliant, original advice. We have gathered for you the best of the best. They cover all areas of our lives: from home and garden to travel to work, as well as food and drinks.


1. If your printer runs black paint, change the font color to #010101 to print almost black color 99% grey

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

However, this tip might not be suitable for all types and models of printers. But it really can solve the problem of low ink levels in the printer.


2. If you need a unique complicated password you will never lose and never forget, use the serial number on the back cover of your wristwatch

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

Back cover of a wrist watch has a unique serial number, which you can easily use as a password, which will never lose and never forget.


And even if somehow you lose your watch, the warranty card for a watch you will always find their serial number. Most factory not counterfeit Chinese hours serial number contain both letters and numbers. So what about password security you don’t have to worry.


3. Save your resume in PDF format before sending to ensure that the layout, structure and graphics will remain on the computer of the employer or staffing Agency is the same as on your computer

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

When you someone sends the document to format .doc (Word document), there is always the risk that your file will not be compatible with the version of Microsoft Word installed on the computer of your recipient.


Usually in such cases the existing structure of the document may change due to incompatible versions of the editor. For example, in the first place can crumble, table styles and text formatting. To avoid this, save the file in PDF format. In this case, you can be calm. The document will be seen by the recipient as you have planned.


4. Buy a blanket at least one size bigger than your bed to maximize comfort

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

In order for you to sleep comfortable, warm and cozy, get a blanket bigger than your bed. In this case, you really will be comfortable. Otherwise you will often be revealed in dreams and freeze. So you risk not completely to rest.


5. If you broke the glass on a hard floor, turn on the flashlight parallel to the floor so you could see the shadows of tiny pieces, which you would otherwise miss

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

It happens to everyone. Each of us has something in life at least once, but broke. For example, a Cup or a plate in the kitchen. Special headache with glass fragments, which may not be visible on the floor because of its transparency. But you can easily find the pieces, if you take a flashlight and locate them parallel to the floor plane. As a result, you will see many pieces that will give natural shade.


6. If your friend or family member is in the hospital instead of flowers, give him a comfortable blanket, soft socks, Slippers, open-toe book / e-book charger for a phone with a long wire and condiments (including salt) to eat

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

How do you think I need anyone who is in the hospital? Well, of course, not flowers, oranges and chocolate. Believe me, everything is much easier.


Much better if you bring the hospital to a friend or loved one a set of simple things: a blanket, an e-book (or regular), soft warm socks, comfortable Slippers, a charger for your tablet or smartphone with a long wire that will reach from the bed to the outlet (if the outlet is far bring in the house tee) and of course bring salt, as the food in the hospital is almost no salt. Can bring a variety of seasonings. Otherwise, the patient food in the hospital seem a bit bland.


7. If you make a list of things you need to take before travelling, review and edit this list when I get back from my trip to add things you forgot, or to remove things that you didn’t use

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

This advice will help you create the best list of useful things during the trip. Thanks to it you will never forget something you really need on the trip, and will never take a place in your bag or suitcase with unnecessary things.


8. When buying sheets, look for stripes. This will help you search the long and short sides, when you make his bed

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

You are faced with the problem of laying out the bed sheets, which is not clear where the long and where the short side? This is necessary to correctly spread sheets. To avoid that happening buy bed sheets with stripes. So it will be easy to determine where the short side, and where long.


9. Before check at the airport take a photo of your Luggage in case it gets lost

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

If you can’t find your bags, it is much easier to show the airline or the airport to the Department issuing the Luggage, it looked like your Luggage. It’s better than words to try to explain how you looked in your bags and suitcases.


10. If you find someone in Russia issued driver’s license or ID card, you can throw the documents in the mailbox and the post office will take care of their return to the owner

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

Found someone’s ID? Don’t want to go to the police, risking to lose a lot of time. Then lower the found rights / passport in the mailbox.


Postal workers to find documents in the drawer, according to the current legislation are obliged through their boss to submit the documents to law enforcement agencies. So the documents will find his master, of course, if he hasn’t already done new documents.


Please note the documents do not need to put in the envelope. It is necessary that the postal worker saw that among the emails in your Inbox are someone else’s documents.


11. Follow the rule of 2 minutes: if something takes only 2 minutes, just do it

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

If you are a big procrastinator, this is a great and simple way to start to solve this problem. If you need to do something like garbage, folding clothes, or putting some dishes, do them immediately, without postponing it. So you have to do any chores, which take only 2 minutes!


12. If you want to learn a new language, identify the 100 most commonly used words in it, and start with them

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

Usually in any language, the hundred most frequently used words in conversations is about 50% of everyday conversation and should provide you with a very solid Foundation in language learning.


13. If you can’t decide where to eat with your colleagues, friends or soul mate, play the game 5-2-1

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

It’s simple. You offer 5 restaurants / cafes, they pick two and you choose from them.


14. How to unlock more accurate time setting of the events in the iPhone calendar?

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

The events calendar on the iPhone a little easier planning of future events and also allows you to set an alert on them, if we forget about important events.


You probably know that in the iPhone to set the time a calendar event you can set both hours and minutes. But there is one problem: to set the time of the event is possible only if the minutes end in “5” or ” 0 “.


The thing is that initially, the events calendar is set up so that you can change the time by five minutes. But what if you need to put another time? For example, 16:37? Usually you can set the event, for example either 16:30 or 16:35 or 16:40.


However on iOS you can a standard way to put on the calendar any time. That is to create an event that starts at any desired moment.


To do this, open the Calendar application and open an existing event or create a new one. As soon as you entered the event title or location, click on the start and end time of the event.


You will see a small section that allows you time to scroll up and down to set date, hours and minutes (increments of five minutes). To activate a hidden setting the minute setting the time of the event, double-click anywhere in the line indicating the time. All. Next, you will scroll through time by one minute.


To return to a five-minute scroll, just double-click again anywhere in this section.


15. When a stranger asks you to photograph it, make a few unexpected photos when they are ready to pose

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

Sometimes the unexpected photos (when we don’t expect) make the best one. When you do ask someone to take a picture also ask that you tried to take a picture unexpectedly.


16. Try the rule of five seconds, when you are going to walk the dog on a hot day

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

Put the back of your hand on the sidewalk. If you can’t keep it there for more than 5 seconds, too hot to walk the dog. Take a walk with her later or looking for a place where no direct sunlight.


17. Sleep in the room without the phone, putting it in another place.

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

If every morning you raise your hand to reach the phone, then it’s time to rid yourself of this addiction. You have to sleep so that your smartphone was in another room. This at least will give your brain a few minutes to Wake up before going to sleep notifications, news updates and emails. If you rely on an alarm clock in your phone, consider buying a regular alarm.


18. Unsubscribe from the emails as you receive them, not just delete them immediately

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

To move spam emails directly into the deleted items folder can give you instant gratification, but that doesn’t solve the problem in the Bud. They will just keep coming, even if you don’t remember, subscribe if you e-mail. It only takes a few seconds to open the email, scroll to the bottom and click “unsubscribe”. Do it for future you.


19. Remember two or three phone numbers in case of emergency

19 genius life hacks that will make you say,  

Pointless to know someone’s number by heart now, when we ~ live in future ~ but if you ever are in a bind and you have no phone (or it is empty), it is very useful to memorize the number of your partner, parent or roommate, so you can ask for help.