18 winter car hacks that are genius

Here is the best and brilliant winter car tips

18 winter car hacks that are genius

So, with the onset of winter every motorist begins his fight with snow, ice, slush, etc. We acquire scrapers, antifreeze, brushes for cleaning the snow from the car. Every morning we swear, seeing the frozen brush and the icy windshield. Grumble due to frozen door locks and melted snow inside the cabin, resulting in the window of the car start to fog up. Enough every morning to scrape off windshield ice. Start using 18 winter car tips that we picked for you ahead of the onset of winter.


1. Lift the wiper of his car at night and cover them with socks so they are not frozen to the windshield

18 winter car hacks that are genius

You always suffer in the winter time, every morning, warming the frozen windshield wipers? Already tried various methods with which help hoped to get rid of the sticking wiper blades? It’s time to forget about this headache once and for all. Take a pair of socks and pull them on the raised wipers. Your brush will never freeze to the glass. You’ll not only save time in the morning for a long warming up of the windshield, but also increase the service life of the wipers.


2. Frozen castle? Use a straw (plastic straw) and your warm breath to melt the ice in the castle

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Faced with the problem of the frozen lock? It doesn’t matter. You can warm the lock with his warm breath. However, for this one breath is not enough. To effective defrosting lock cylinder car door use a plastic tube (straw) that will help you to direct warm air currents from your breath straight to the castle.


Also for even greater efficiency defrosting door lock in the car can use a sanitizer for your hands that contains alcohol and is able to melt the formed ice in the lock cylinder.


3. A lighter or heat the car key and insert it into the lock

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Here’s another method that will help you to open the car door if it froze the lock. For this heat the car key with a lighter and then insert the key into the lock.


4. Shaving cream works as an anti-fogging glass in your car

18 winter car hacks that are genius

The composition of the shaving cream has the same ingredients as special chemicals designed to prevent the formation of moisture on the surfaces of the glass. That is, the shaving cream (even the cheapest) can perfectly protect machine glass from fogging. To keep your car in winter time from the formation of excess moisture (e.g. from melting snow, the sound of the feet), apply a layer of cream on the surface of the glass machine, and then remove it, completely wiping Windows.


Also, do not leave in the car in the cold open of liquid water, which not only can freeze. The fact that in the process of freezing will be for some time to evaporate. The moisture eventually settling on the Windows machine, in a subsequent freeze, covering the whole surface of the glass with frost.


5. You can also use a stocking or a sock filled with pellets for cat litter, to prevent the formation of ice on the Windows machine inside the cabin

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Unfortunately, from the formation of moisture in the wintertime can not escape. The driver and passengers getting into the car in the winter, constantly being dragged to the salon ice and snow adhering to the shoes. That is why it is important in winter to use not only rubber floor mats, but special moisture-absorbing and disposable mats, diapers or in the extreme case, a newspaper.


Also, leaving the car at night, if you saw that rubber mats have accumulated a lot of water, be sure to remove it from there. Otherwise during the night the water off steam, will be in the form of ice.

To more effectively deal with moisture in the cabin, you can use pellets for kitty litter, that absorb the moisture. To do this, simply pour them in a stocking or a sock and leave it in the cabin.


6. Use vegetable oil spray (cooking spray) for the treatment of the rubber seals that the door in the machine did not freeze

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Lately, many Housewives came in the house instead of the usual sunflower or olive oil in the bottle with vegetable oil spray. Some home use was invented in the United States cooking spray, based on rape oil intended for frying in the pan. Meanwhile, the oil spray can be used as door protection from freezing. How? Very simple. Many motorists in the winter faced with the fact that the car doors stick/freeze to the rubber door seals (especially in older cars where the gum is already quite worn). To prevent such freezing of door seals for many car owners buy various chemicals, lubricating the seals. Someone using various traditional methods. But did you know that one of the best and cheapest way to protect the door from freezing to the seals is to treat gum vegetable oil and then just wipe them dry with a paper towel? In this case, you will forget what the frozen door that very often we have to literally peel off coming in the morning to the car.


Also, this method can be used to handle the shovel to avoid sticking at it snow.


7. Never use hot water to defrost ice on the windshield

18 winter car hacks that are genius

In any case, as suggested by some “experts” in the Network, do not use hot water for warming up the windshield, if you do not want to damage it. The fact that the sharp drop in temperature of the windshield may crack. In this case, you will not help any glass repair. Will have to change the windshield.


8. Buy expensive ice scraper and snow

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Once we are properly live. Many of us save on products, services and a lot more to it. Including on their health. And on the one hand, that’s fine. Everyone wants to save some extra money. But we are so constituted that we love to throw from one extreme to another, buying superexpensive iPhones for the money, expensive TVs or the modern expensive clothes and wear nowhere. But in the end very often not quite logical our economy to fail us, which once again confirms the truth of the phrase “We are not so rich to buy cheap things”. So stop saving. Especially products for the car. Do you mind spending money on a normal ice scraper that will not only serve you but will not scratch your car, as it can do many of cheap low-quality scrapers?


9. In a pinch use as a scraper to clean the windshield of ice Bank card

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Also, as a scraper you can use not only credit card but also plastic spatula. The main thing – do not use to clean glass from snow and ice metal objects that can scratch the glass.


10. If your car is covered with ice, no need to scrape the whole car, tearing off the ice

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Many drivers, seeing as their car was covered with ice, you begin foolishly to scrape ice from the entire car. No need to do this if you don’t want to leave the body markings in memory of the fierce winter.

Your task is to free the windshield from snow and ice. It is also desirable to clean the car from snow, so he didn’t go crazy with it on the move. When the car warms up, some of the ice melts. Primarily on the hood.


11. If your Windows are not blocked with ice and the window quietly opened, you can do this trick to quickly remove ice from the side Windows

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Attention! This method is suitable only in case if the Windows machine are not frozen. Otherwise you risk to damage the motor window lifter (if your vehicle is equipped with a dimmer) or you can damage the handle of the window (if car is equipped with mechanical window regulators).


Sometimes after, for example, freezing rain, your car may be covered with a thin layer of ice. As we have said, if your whole car is iced over, it is not necessary to scrape the entire body of the scraper to avoid damage to the paint. Moreover, it is meaningless, since as the warm car of the ice body to melt. The only thing you have to do if the whole machine is covered with a thin layer of ice in a clear glass of the machine. Including side.

In some cases, you will help one tricky method.



12. Use the bags for freezing products to mirror did not freeze

18 winter car hacks that are genius

You have constant headaches when in the winter you go out to the car and face the frozen side mirrors? Have you already tried a thousand ways to solve this problem, but to no avail? There is a way.

Use as protection against freezing bags for freezing food. To secure the rear view mirror bags for freezing foods, take duct tape or electrical tape.


13. Define Shine front headlamps with a toothbrush and toothpaste

18 winter car hacks that are genius

When the season of bad weather, which usually lasts from October to March in most regions of our vast country, the quality of the road lighting is of great importance. The fact that most often in autumn and winter we will be in the car in cloudy weather or in the dark (thanks winter for a short day). That is why it is important as headlights. If your headlights have become cloudy and bad light, then you can give them the brightness, clearing the surface with toothpaste and a toothbrush. You will be surprised that the toothpaste and the brush is able to Shine not only to your teeth. Of course, becoming more transparent, lights will illuminate the road much better.


14. Check with a coin tread depth of the tires of your car

18 winter car hacks that are genius

We all know how important winter tires during the cold period of time. Many of us do not tighten with replacement of summer tires for the winter. But, unfortunately, many people forget that in time to put winter tires is only half the job. After all, if the tread depth is poor, it is unlikely that your winter tires will ensure safety during movement. After all, the less tread, the more risk of losing traction with the road surface. Especially when driving in the snow with water, which the worn tread will not be able to take in sufficient quantities. So don’t forget to regularly monitor the tread depth. To check it you can, for example, using ordinary coins. Let’s see how it can be done.


15. Keep in the trunk of a bag of pellets for cat litter, which can help you if you get stuck in the snow

18 winter car hacks that are genius

If your vehicle is stuck in snow, don’t worry and don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world. In this case, it is recommended to carry in the trunk small collapsible shovel for clearing snow and dirt, and a bag of pellets for kitty litter. These pellets can help you to remove the stuck vehicle. To do this, spread under the drive wheels of the pellets, which can return the wheels to grip.


16. If the machine is stuck, use cardboard

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Also for pulling a stuck car, you can use cardboard, placing it under the wheels. Including can instead of cardboard to use rubber floor mats that also you need to put under the wheels. In this case you can return the wheels grip and traction.


17. Vinegar + water will help you to make a cheap mixture of deicer

18 winter car hacks that are genius

If you want to protect the glass of the machine from freezing, leaving it overnight in freezing weather, you can use a special mixture that you can prepare yourself, freeing yourself from buying expensive de-icer. To do this, add in a bottle of spray (spray) three parts vinegar and one part water. Then treat the obtained mixture with the help of spray car window. This will prevent night ice glasses. However, this method only works at moderately low temperatures.


18. Keep in the trunk a pair of old socks to wear over shoes

18 winter car hacks that are genius

Not only will this give you a better grip of your shoes with the snow-covered surface (which will help you, for example, when pushing a stuck car), but will protect your feet from getting wet.