18 things that will make you say, “Wait, is that actually true?”

Things that really will surprise you.

18 things that will make you say,  

As said Henry Ford, the meaning of the business to produce for consumption and not for speculation or getting your pockets. Unfortunately, modern culture is consumption. And in this era the world is producing too many products, many of which do not carry any meaning. All designed to take money from the pockets of consumers. Fortunately, not all manufacturers do not care about the meaning of their things and not think about customers. We have selected for you 18 incredible products that truly work and benefit.


We hope that you will appreciate the products we recommend! Please note that this is not paid advertising. This is a really good thing, which may be of interest to many. But since this is not advertising, we will not publish the value of these things and links to their manufacturers. If you are interested in any products, you will easily find them online.


1. Vibrating alarm clock that uses extragranit alarm with pulsating lights with one purpose – to get you out of bed in the morning, come what may

18 things that will make you say,  

Put the hours shaker under mattress or pillow to get the morning alarm. Yes, it’s unpleasant, but it is an effective call for your quick awakening!


Encouraging feedback: “I mostly sleep like a log, and I tried EVERYTHING to Wake up to an alarm clock. But nothing helped. I have not heard a single clock, resulting in a constantly late for work. I have under the mattress slats, so I had instead to put the bed shaker under the bed, and I’m glad I did!


If you’re like me and you’re fast asleep, not hearing the alarms YOU NEED: a shaker in bed will make you feel like you are falling from the mountain, and will definitely Wake you up.


Now about the sound. This is the first bought me an alarm clock that wakes me up 100% always. I work full time on the ambulance, and to be honest, I can’t decide which is louder than my alarm this alarm clock! For the very first time I used it, my neighbor knocked on my door because the alarm also woke him. Sorry, neighbor, but the other alarm clocks do not Wake me”.


2. Prismatic glasses so you could watch TV lying on the floor/bed without straining your neck, or read a book, not raising his hands up

18 things that will make you say,  

If you wear regular glasses or reading glasses, they will walk right up to them!


An encouraging testimonial: “My chiropractor suggested I buy these glasses to use while reading and watching TV so as not to strain your neck. They work great! I can sit back and watch TV or read lying down without any discomfort. I forget that I’m wearing them.”


3. Water bottle with storage compartment that will keep your phone

18 things that will make you say,  

Compartment guaranteed to be one of the iPhone 6, 6S or 7. There is even a port through which you can thread your headphones while your phone is stored in the bottle, so you can listen to music or talk on the phone while he’s there!


An encouraging testimonial: “My iPhone 7 fits perfectly in it, with my skinny bumper. There is still a place for a couple credit cards or a key. I like that the bottle feels solid and of decent quality, and I like the large opening for easy filling and cleaning. I would highly recommend!”


4. The device against spills, so you can fill a Cup of tea or coffee to the edge and carry her into the bedroom, not spilling fluid everywhere: the device is based on genius physics

18 things that will make you say,  

Wow, how does it work? It uses the principle of Newtonian physics to keep the liquid in the container while you carry it using the strap!


An encouraging review: “Call me lazy, but I wanted to fill my mug almost to the edges to minimize the number of approaches I make to the coffee machine. But then I end up going as a tightrope to the table, almost in slow motion, so as not to spill my coffee. Yes, to carry a full Cup without spilling the liquid, very hard. But now I have a solution which is much better than to pour the whole coffee carafe in my big thermos. It is very fun. No more spills. Just fill your Cup, set it down and go!”


5. Mug with a special secluded place where you can put your fingers to keep them warm while you drink a hot drink


You can order this mug for left or right hand depending on which hand you prefer to hold the mug! Mug does not contain lead, with the result that it can be used in the dishwasher, oven and microwave oven.


Encouraging feedback: “I love these mugs! Stunning colors, and they are not very heavy. They really are perfect for warming hands. Just be careful – if your first drink is very hot, maybe too hot.” Let the liquid cool slightly to not burn the hand. But as soon as it cools down, the mug is great and keeps your hands quite warm!”18 things that will make you say,

6. Tiny clip for ingrown toenail that will fix the great problems of the nail on the toe. This will smooth your nail to relieve the pain with bent toenails and prevent it from growing

18 things that will make you say,  

The set includes ten brackets of nails and materials necessary for its application. The results should be visible through * all * 1-3 days!


Encouraging feedback: “I never realized how curved and not in order of my toenails. I thought the pain I was experiencing was just normal and a fact of life. Only when I read about the brackets for the nails on the toes, I realized that I have a serious problem and it can be solved! Now I’m on my way to a normal, flat toenails, which become curved and not grow into my skin!”


7. Fork and knife in one tool. Elongated teeth not only facilitates eating, but also due to the sharp edges of the fork allows you to easily cut foods without the risk of damaging the mouth. Goodbye, washing the excess liquid and carrying the excess liquid to work, we won’t miss you!

18 things that will make you say,  

Encouraging feedback: “I’ve never heard of such hybrid forks before accidentally found them on one of the Chinese sites when I was looking for the Cutlery set as a gift for my mom. This is definitely the best idea for combination of dishes. You might want to keep super acute knives for cutting things like steak, because this fork will not take a hard beef.


But you would not believe – fork-knife works very well, cutting almost everything, especially chicken and pizza. It’s a bit heavier than other forks classic, but its frosted handle is easier to hold. Besides, it looks better. The edge of a fork, representing the mini-knife is not sharp, so don’t worry, the mouth itself you do not damage, just the food. The curvature of the teeth, in addition to providing the necessary cutting function, also creates a kind of scoop, making this fork the perfect in the category of universal glassware“.


8. Cream all-in-one with 92% snail mucus (Yes, no joke), will remove even the most stubborn pimples

18 things that will make you say,  

Don’t worry, this cream is made under strict quality control and approved by the American dermatologists!


Encouraging feedback: “I’m 27, and my skin looks better than ever. In the end, I like never before get compliments from family and strangers… My skin looks better than before I used the other creams. The difference is so NOTICEABLE that my mom asked me what I used on my skin, having such a stunning effect. In the end, she also bought this cream. You will see results so fast that you won’t believe your eyes! Already after the first night of use I noticed the difference. Two weeks later I looked like I had a new face. The cream is not greasy, is easily absorbed and has no odor”.


9. Vegan shampoo that will relieve you from constant visits to the beauty salon. It is great to add color to your hair or tint the already colored hair. Plus its nourishing formula will color hair without harsh chemicals, leaving your hair shiny, hydrated and undamaged

18 things that will make you say,  

An encouraging testimonial: “This works fine. My daughters natural blonde hair and they always want me to have dyed their hair, but the process takes forever and takes a ton of paint for the whole head. Using this shampoo with the third shampooing hair will look as if you just made a classic color. The amazing thing is that even after a few weeks the paint on the hair seem dull and flushed”.


10. Egg white separator yolk in the form of fish, which easily separates the egg yolk from the protein

18 things that will make you say,  

Encouraging feedback: “This is by far the best kitchen gadget I have ever possessed. It actually got me interested in cooking in the kitchen. The separator is easy to clean”.


11. The led strip that you can control from the app on your smartphone to make your room look luxurious. In fact, it is almost the same as to turn on the light in the room using an electronic control panel

18 things that will make you say,  18 things that will make you say,

You can simply say: “Turn on my led bulb” and they will turn on you. The application allows you to synchronize the lights with the rhythm of the music to make your party even brighter, turning the LEDs into the light.


Encouraging feedback: “I ordered two sets. One for my room and one for kitchen. These led strips are nice and bright, easy to use (with the app) and they have a good sticky base. Instructions well enough. It’s definitely cool when guests come. Not only that, but the app allows you to sync your lights with your music so you can really spice up your room!”


12. Cleaner technology, which will help to clean each piece of your equipment in each remote place

18 things that will make you say,  

Here is a video of the cleaning process and how this strange looks cleaner.


An encouraging testimonial: “My laptop is really dirty young crumbs, fluff etc. I had problems with cleaning, as I pressed the keys, trying to clean the keyboard. This cleaner works so well that I removed all the crumbs, EVERYTHING. I also used it on your mobile phone and ordinary phone. In the end, my phone was shining like a new one!! I recommend this “a Cup of slime”. It really works!!”


13. Multifunctional steam vacuum mini machine can not only perfectly clean your face, but even smooth out wrinkles

18 things that will make you say,  

This powerful tool is designed for all skin types. There are five modes of operation. The first is designed for sensitive and dry skin, the second and the third for neutral skin, and the fourth and fifth – for combination and oily skin.

It also comes with four suction heads for different skin conditions such as clearing acne, removing dirt/grease, reducing sediment and fine lines, as well as massage and skin tightening. It is rechargeable and comes with a charger, so you never have to worry when your new favourite tool will run out of charge!


Encouraging feedback: “I was skeptical about how this product will actually work, but I was wrong! I have spent my entire life struggling with acne, and sorry that I didn’t found this gadget before. The amount of dirt and dead skin cells that I removed from the pores of the face T-zone, it was incredible. I immediately noticed that my skin became smoother. Make sure you relatively quickly move the device across the face to avoid marks on your face. Excellent quality and a good, solid device”.


14. Waterproof Notepad that allows you to have time to write the idea into a million dollars, you can come when you wash. Just draw them on the notebook, which, surprisingly, do not get wet under hot water from the shower

18 things that will make you say,  

Encouraging feedback: “This product is amazing! In fact, it is so amazing that I bought three more of these Notepad and gave them to your friends! We all used them in our baths and called each other in amazement at how well they really work”.


15. Mini wire rope to eliminate clogging the sink! This thing will work wonders due to its shape and surface, which will allow you to catch hold of any hair and dirt. This will allow you to remove the blockage in the sink without much effort

18 things that will make you say,  

Need more proof? Check out how it works this cheap gadget in this video


Encouraging feedback: “I tried everything known to mankind drain cleaners trying to clean the bathtub drain, and nothing worked. Seriously, guys, NOTHING worked. After reading the reviews I figured, what the hell, let’s try. I wore long, to the elbow, rubber gloves and a medical face mask. I was ready to fight (I highly recommend you do as well, because when you remove the blockage, water can fountain to go back. Also could be a bad, rotten smell). After I put mini wire rope to the drain of the sink, I pulled a sea monster in the form of a stinking pile of hair. I repeated the process a dozen times until no more appear the hair monsters. I turned on the faucet, and the sound of water without the hindrance of flowing down the drain, I was pleased“.


16. Unique decanter, able to predict the weather using special crystals that respond to air pressure. So you will know how the weather changes, even when our weather forecasters, as always, wrong

18 things that will make you say,  

How does it work? The crystals inside react to different weather conditions, forming different patterns to show what is happening on the street.


An encouraging testimonial: “When I bought this unusual item, I unpacked it to make sure everything is in order. As regards the ability to predict the weather of this product, I believe that the unusual barometer is quite accurate. That day when I launched it, it showed that it is raining. After a few hours and most of the week was pouring buckets. It is necessary to place near the window, he really could feel the temperature outside“.


17. Rubber self-adhesive. That hardened rubber can be used to repair almost everything from the cables from charging your iPhone to the clock, pots and pans

18 things that will make you say,  

This molding self-hardening glue quickly turns into rubber! It works for locking/sealing wood, glass, ceramics, metal and most plastics, but especially good to fix the wires, since isolates an electric wire (24 volts). It also is waterproof, durable, resistant to heat and cold and shock resistant so you don’t need to worry about that it will melt or lose their shape under certain conditions!


Encouraging feedback: “Wow, super, this incredible product! A bit pricey but it’s worth it. I used it to repair the pans, for the repair of cages for parrots, which I bought last month. All three new cells have been broken (not seen in the store). This product allowed me to repair all the cells in a short time.”


18. A Venus flytrap that will grow in a special gel, without the need for maintenance and watering

18 things that will make you say,  

This plant requires very little attention, even shocking! You don’t need to water, feed or put the plant into the sunlight. When this carnivorous plant begins to grow (4-6 months), you should carefully remove it with tweezers and put in a carnivorous soil mix.


Promising review: “I was almost sure that I’ll like it, but had no idea how! I bought three plants in the initial stage of growth. Now I’m looking forward to when they grow up! Here is a picture of what looked like a plant at the initial stage and as began to look, when Venus flytrap were in the pot.”


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18 things that will make you say,