18 signs that the future becomes reality

Here is proof that the future has already arrived.

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Hello, the future! So to say everyone on the planet, opening the eyes in the morning. Do you think the future of fiction, and which drew in the past futurists has not come yet? In vain. We already live in an amazing time. Don’t believe? Then sit back – we go on a trip that will prove to you that the future is already with us.


1) we Have a robot car on Mars

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Just think about the progress reached by humanity, if we could send a robot to Mars. Right now the robot Curiosity furrowing of Mars, making not only a selfie on the red planet’s surface, but also conducts research. It is amazing.


2) Russian scientists may have figured out how to clone a mammoth

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Recently in mass media there was information that in the near future, Russian scientists will be able to resurrect the mammoth by cloning. How is this possible if you need to clone a living animal?

It turns out that it is possible (while in theory). Apparently, our scientists have found a suitable DNA among the remains of frozen mammoths that are found in our country, in the Northern regions. So, quite possibly, soon to create Jurassic Park become a reality.


3) Watch the drone

18 signs that the future becomes reality

One of the Western companies have created a watch that is able to automatically fly away from your wrist to take photos of you from a third party. Then the watch will automatically fly to your hand.


4) Flying robot walking dogs

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Imagine that while you are at work, instead of you with your dog walking robot. Agree, sounds like a fantastic novel. But this is not fiction but already a reality. The fact that the world already has this technology. However, so far only in the form of a prototype. But the plans of companies developing this technology in the near future these robots vigurskii Pets will go on massive sale. How robots walk their dogs? Very simple. They fly and are leash dogs on a pre-programmed master route. Impressive, isn’t it?


5) China has a hotel that employs some robots

18 signs that the future becomes reality

You will not believe, but in Shenzhen (China) in one of the hotels of the city, everything from porters and ending with the waiters, are real robots. That is the hotel where the wait staff replaced by robots.

Even the maids at this small hotel robots. This, incidentally, is very convenient. Indeed, in this hotel you will not be embarrassed by the mess in the room.


6) Journalists-the robots write the news

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Recently, in an experiment, the Los Angeles Times published the news, which sent to publish the robot. Thus, the robot first found the information about the earthquake in Los Angeles, a small printed material, sending it to the Los Angeles Times. In the end, the news was published.


What do you think how much time has passed since the discovery of the robot’s information about the earthquake until the time of publication of news written by robot on the website the Los Angeles Times? Just three minutes.


7) Spanish hacker Jose Julio built a 3D printer and camera from PlayStation 3 hockey table

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Spanish hacker built his daughter an air hockey table, in which you can play alone, battling with the computer as on the monitor screen. For his invention, he used parts from a 3D printer and a camera from a game console.

In the end he and his daughter don’t need to look for an opponent to fight in the hockey table. Because the robot does not get tired and is ready to play with you forever.


8) 3D printers will soon be able to print human organs

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Today a fully developed technology to create organs for biological 3D printers. Yes, 3D printers came into the world not only in order to print volume figures or designers. Thanks to medical 3D printers in the near future doctors will be able to create human organs, as well as some of its parts. And this may change the whole life on the planet, increasing life expectancy.


9) 3D printers today can already do complex products that previously could be manufactured only on an industrial scale with huge financial investments.

18 signs that the future becomes reality

The 3D printing technology has gone far ahead. Indeed, more recently, 3D printers could only print small figures and various small simple elements. But today in the world there are many printers which are capable of creating from scratch a very complex configuration of the product.

So when 3D printers will become cheaper, then we will be able to print itself, for example, the author’s beautiful vase, table, etc.

By the way, today, many designers create exclusive vases, coasters, pendants, etc. on the 3D printers.


10) Scientists convinced the robot that he is the worm

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Recently, Western scientists as an experiment loaded into a robot program that follows the principle of the brain worm. In the end, the robot actually considers himself a worm.


11) the Board of Trustees of venture capital, the company includes a computer algorithm based on neural networks

18 signs that the future becomes reality

You will not believe, but in a large company, which is engaged in venture investment, the Board of Trustees has included artificial intelligence, which now, along with people coming to this Board voted for the adoption of a decision about investing or selling a business. It means that 5 members of the Board of Trustees venture company will be shared with a computer to decide the fate of investment projects. It is a fantasy that became a reality.


12) Scientists have created eternal pizza

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Presumably, hungry scientists in the West have created a pizza that can be stored up to 3 years without freezing or refrigeration. This is the miracle of miracles.


13) You will soon become the hero of the film “spider-Man”

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Believe it or not, soon the world will start selling the device, which can turn you into one of the heroes who fought against Spider-Man in the cult American film based on the comic.

So, one of the Western companies have developed a robotic hand which can replicate exactly the movements of your hands.

So if you are constantly short of hands, the artificial robotic hands will come to your aid. A great device for those who never have enough hands when you go to the grocery store.


14) Magic sneakers from the movie Back to the future is already a reality

18 signs that the future becomes reality

When the whole world saw in the movie “Back to the future” are fantastic sneakers that automatically know how to zachorowania, it impressed a good half of the entire planet. And until recently, such technology seemed impossible. But these sneakers have already been created. It is even possible to buy.


15) Flying Board already came

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Here is another technology that impressed those who watched the movie “Back to the future” for the first time in the year premiere. We are talking about the flying Board, which is a skateboard without wheels, hovering over the surface of the earth. Since then, some just do not have the technology to levitate in the air, riding on the Board. True, they had nothing to do with what we saw in the movie. Nevertheless, such technologies are also impressive. Just recently, in the real world appeared Board for levitation.

18 signs that the future becomes reality

And there is Board for flights over water, and there is a Board for levitation above the ground.


16) Robots allow sick children and children with disabilities to attend a virtual school. How does it work?

18 signs that the future becomes reality

For example, the child is unable for some reason to go to school. Instead, the school is visited by robotic telepresence. That is, the child, while at home, involved in the training remotely with the help of such robots.


17) Simultaneous translation on a computer screen or phone from any language online

18 signs that the future becomes reality

Already today, computer technologies allow to create stunning neural networks, which helped to introduce the technology of simultaneous translation from any language online. That is, the computer is able to translate in real-time. However, it is not yet a perfect technology. But soon such simultaneous translation will benefit millions of inhabitants of our planet to communicate with each other.


In the end, over time, language barriers will fall around the world.


18) Mental control that can be transferred from one brain to another person’s brain actually exists

18 signs that the future becomes reality

A direct link between the brain and the brain was a long-standing ambition of scientists and fans of science fiction. And recently was conducted a fantastic experiment in which scientists were able to transmit information from the brain of one person into the brain of another. And this was done through the Internet.

The experiment involved two people. One man, before whose face there was a screen with a video game, I thought that you press the button for the action in a video game. Next, the scientists gave a signal from the brain of this person, who eventually, not knowing about the intentions of the first test subject pressed the button. Here are the details of this experiment.