15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

That’s what everyone should do, if the accident occurred

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

Oh no, this can’t be! – you exclaim at that moment when you realize that he was in a car accident. You refuse to believe you’re in shock… But it happened. And what you will do next will depend on whether to change the world for the better. It is important to consider how the accident happened: light and heavy, how many cars were in an accident, whether caused by you, passengers and other participants of the accident damage.

Crash is not the failure of smart phone or kettle. This is a serious incident. It is not surprising that many drivers are often lost in such situations and, despite the fact that know how to act in case of an accident, forget basic. We have prepared for you the most important things that must be done by the driver immediately after the accident. Yes, of course, an accident is better to avoid it. But forewarned is forearmed. From accidents nobody is insured.


Stay as close to the scene

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

Annually in Russia there are more than 150 thousand dorozhno-transport incidents (road accident statistics for the year 2017). That’s a lot. So every driver has a pretty big chance to get into an accident. If, God forbid, it happens to you, what will you do in the first 10 minutes after the incident, depends on many things.

In particular, how the accident will affect your life and the lives of your passengers (if injured). The first tip we want to give everyone who got in an accident – do not leave the scene. Are there as long as possible, unless, of course, you don’t need urgent medical care. Otherwise, you will face liability for leaving the scene of an accident.


Activate alarms

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

Immediately after the accident, turn on hazard lights to warn other drivers about danger. Alarms will attract the attention of other road users. So you can protect your car from another accident that happen at the accident scene. Also put from the emergency sign on the road so road users can slow down and avoid you and other participants of the accident.


If possible, do not stand on the road

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

When you get out of the car, try not to stand on the roadway. Remember that it is very dangerous. Often other road users do not notice the drivers left the car, and bring them down. Also there are lots of inattentive drivers who may not see in advance of an accident and an emergency stop sign and no time to slow down. In this case, as a rule, there is another accident. So to avoid such developments, you better be in the side.


Call the police

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

If participants of road accident there are differences in the accident suffered more than two cars, the amount of damage exceeds the limit or if any of the drivers/passengers were injured, call the police, ambulance, etc. on a single number call emergency services “112”.

Recall that under current law you can arrange an accident without the police, if the damage does not exceed 100 thousand rubles, the participants no differences in road accident participated two cars. It’s called evroprotokol. However, for St. Petersburg and Moscow are advanced layout of the accident according to the europrotocol: the amount of damage of 400 thousand rubles, the participants of the accident have disagreements.

In this case, accidents can be issued without the DPS, if the parties to a traffic accident the cars are fitted with the system ERA-GLONASS, or are on the phones a special application, with which you can capture the crash.


In particular we remind that under the law the parties to the accident are required as soon as possible to remove the affected vehicles from the roadway, the pre-fixing them in the photo or video. Please note that for minor accidents the police have the right not to come. In this case, the participants of the accident may be asked to drive to the nearest police post or to the nearest unit of the traffic police.


But it is better to have the possibility to arrange the accident on their own or entrust this to the police? Here, of course, everyone must decide for himself.

If you actually have no quarrel with other participant of the accident about the circumstances of the incident (that is, each of you knows who is guilty and who is not) and the amount of damage does not exceed 100 thousand roubles (and you are sure that the car has no hidden damage), then you can certainly make an accident without traffic police, after completing the procedure of drawing up of the Euro Protocol. In other cases, it is not recommended to issue road accident without Gai officers.


Do not attempt to regulate the movement, let it go DPS

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

Very often on the scene of the accident traffic jams, as long as affected vehicles are not removed from the road. Some participants of the accident begin to self-regulate the movement, helping other road users to pass by the scene of the accident. Don’t do it. So you can only aggravate the situation. Leave this activity to the police.


Insurance data and other important information

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

While you wait for the police, you can exchange information for the insurance company with the other parties to the accident, filling in every blank-the notice about the accident that was issued to you together with the insurance policy.

By the way, if you purchased e-insurance, then we advise you to go to any insurance company and they take the form of notification about the accident. Can also download and print it from the Internet.

Other participants of road accident you need to know the name (preferably photograph identification, of course, if you’re allowed to do), telephone numbers numbers of insurance policies. If there are witnesses, be sure to take the data from them.


Keep your mouth shut

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

The first ten minutes and even several hours after the accident, can be stressful for you. That is why drivers have an initial impression about the circumstances of the accident may be incorrect. During times of stress our brain is not able to draw the right conclusions.

But when the stress passes, each of us begins to think in more depth about the circumstances of the accident. Avoid blunders at the scene, it can move sideways with further analysis of accidents in traffic or when making payments to an insurance company.

Remember that, in the event that you recognize your mistakes at the accident scene, you may be recognized responsible for the accident. In this case, you will not receive the insurance compensation. It also happens that the accident is often to blame all involved. As a rule, in this case the degree of guilt of every driver to install the traffic police.

And, unfortunately, it happens that when you partially acknowledge their mistakes at the accident scene, an accident declare you. So think about what you say to other participants of the accident. Better to be silent. Remember: language is your enemy.


Take a picture of the car from the accident

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

“Photos and videos are worth a thousand words” – take phone or camera cars and all the scene of the accident. It is also desirable to remove all road signs, markings and traffic signals, curb, brake line, etc.

Unfortunately, when people begin to tell you how the accident occurred, and to complete the form-notice of accident under the insurance policy, many have problems with the schematic. Often the drivers incorrectly draw the location of the vehicles after the accident.

Photographs of the vehicles and the accident scene will help you with the insurance company. Images are much easier to understand what really happened than the participants dorozhno-transport incident.


Take note of the time and weather

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

Time, date and weather – the facts are important in any car accident. Weather conditions can be associated with someone who actually was at fault in the accident and how the accident is the fault of each driver. In order not to miss anything important, make a note in your phone or Notepad simple facts related to the incident.

At least this process is a little will calm you down and will help gather your thoughts. By the way, pay attention to the condition of the road surface. If the road is damaged (holes, cracks, etc.), or it spilled engine oil, or she’s not cleared of ice and snow, take a picture of it, as possibly the main culprit is traffic or utilities that are responsible for the quality of the roadway.


Draw a diagram of accident

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

Draw a diagram of the accident, even if you make not an accident by europrotocol. This will help you to look at an accident from the side in schematic form. It will also help in clarifying who is at fault in an accident. Include in the diagram all the names of the streets, draw the intersections, markings, road signs, traffic lights and where is each car after the collision. If you illegally recognize the culprit, your scheme can help you in court or in dealing with the insurance company.


Think twice before saying “I was not injured and not injured”

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

You may not feel real to the victims at the scene. But just as you will in any case do not have to admit guilt at the accident scene, you should not say confidently that was not injured in the accident. In fact, you could get injured, but don’t realize it because of the shock and stress. Alas, so often happens that people become aware of the injury in the accident, when arrived home after registration.


Think about receiving medical care

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

Even if you’re really sure you’re not hurt, you must let me examine you medical workers, who arrived at the scene of the accident. If doctors will suggest you to go to the hospital, then you definitely need to follow the advice.

Yes, the er doctors can certainly be wrong, exaggerating the severity of your condition. And that’s fine. So they just hedging their bets. Even if they are not sure about something, you still must offer you directions to the hospital.


Sometimes injuries are not immediately apparent due to the impact of the shock/adrenaline. So if you feel pain, especially in the head, neck or stomach, without further ADO have to go to the hospital. But even if you have no pain, some things in your car may indicate the nature of possible injuries.

For example, if you see that the windshield cracked on the driver side, it is quite possible you hit the time of the accident head. And even if you have no headache, it does not mean that you have not received a head injury. Such injuries usually manifest themselves after several hours or even days after the accident.


Be careful who you talk to at the scene

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

It’s terrible, but unfortunately a fact of life. At the accident scene can unexpectedly receive the scammers (if they do not become parties to the accident). Typically, this may be podstawski that create the appearance of an accident with the aim to dissolve the unsuspecting driver on the money.

They often work on multiple machines: one distracts and the other closely approaches the victim’s car. Then from the car throw a plastic bottle at the victim’s car. In the end, the unsuspecting driver hears a thump, realizing that hurt someone. Then begins the classic layout. Be careful. Never agree to the terms of the crooks to leave the scene of an accident and not to call the police.

Also on the scene of an accident can appear any lawyers that offer you their services. In any case, don’t sign anything. At this point you are able to account for their actions. Don’t mess with anyone: no lawyers, no middlemen, offering you to buy you the right to claim insurance compensation, with anyone else from this fraternity.


Call your insurance company

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

You may not understand or remember what to do immediately after the accident, in addition to the above actions. Recall that you must call your insurance company reporting the accident.


Do not speak with those who are not parties to the accident

15 things you must do within 10 minutes after a car accident

The majority of drivers involved in an accident, denied his guilt. And they are right. To admit guilt is always plenty of time. Because the wines can be mutual. Not all experts on traffic rules and other laws. So let about degree of guilt of a driver care the traffic police and insurers.

Try not to chat on the scene with the accident. Because many drivers like to call to the scene of the accident various support groups in the form of friends and acquaintances, who begin to philosophize, and to give advice. Rid yourself of this communication with strangers, because you may be forced to say anything incriminating you, which could lead to the conclusion that the accident was your fault.

Express right to draw conclusions to the court, police and the insurer, or let them handle your lawyer. So think before to say something. Including the participants of the accident. After all, your words can be used against you.

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