15 professional tips on driving and not only that everyone needs

Here are the best tips for drivers from a professional driving instructors.

15 professional tips on driving and not only that everyone needs

For many of us, driving lessons instructor are something special. For example, if you got a good driving instructor, his lessons you will remember forever. Yes, perhaps while learning something you did not understand or treat the instruction of his teacher seriously. But after a while, when you sit behind the wheel of your first car, you will surely understand how important was his advice. Alas, some of them we often forget. But do not worry, we have gathered for you the top tips from driving instructors that will help you gain confidence and make your driving safer.

1. Always look over my shoulder before butting in


Than safely for your vehicle: even if you think that your the only car on the road, the traffic can change in an instant in the blind spot next to you, can suddenly appear for another car. If you’re always looking over your shoulder on the sides of the machine before rebuild, you will reduce the risk of getting in an accident.


Than safely for your life: think before you act. Regardless of what you do behind the wheel, all your actions must be reasonable, logical and thought out. When rebuilt on the road, never be distracted by your smartphone, or some other things. At the time of rebuild you should monitor the road around the car. Including you have to control the actions of other drivers.

2. Check the car you will drive

15 professional tips on driving and not only that everyone needs

Than safely for your car: despite the fact that most cars have four wheels, gearbox, engine and steering wheel, all cars are created different. Each machine is different, so you need to pay attention to unique factors that may affect your driving (for example, on the characteristics of blind spots in the car, the turning radius, the feeling of the brakes, etc.)


Than safely for your life: explore the car in which you are going to go for the first time. If you are confident, you can even take a couple of test runs. You may need to take a few lessons from a instructor behind the wheel of the machine on which you intend to travel in the near future. The fact that driving a car driving school, you may have used. But driving a new car your confidence could evaporate in the blink of an eye. Especially when you find yourself on the road full of other cars. In this case, it is better to ask your instructor to ride with you in your car for a few days on the roads. It is advisable for those routes where you expect in the near future to go more.

3. Check the car before you get behind the wheel


Than safely for your vehicle: before you get behind the wheel, make sure that your vehicle is in proper working condition. To do this, check the wheels, the efficiency of the lights (side lights, dipped headlights, brake lights, turn signals, etc.), brakes, and fluids.


Than safely for your life: don’t take hasty decisions. Be attentive to your car. If you have no time to inspect the car (e.g. you are late for lunch or business meeting), think about what your haste can cost you dearly on the road. Believe me, it is better to lose quite a bit of time to check basic things in the car before driving, what then the road suddenly alarmed from the fact that it has faulty brakes or a flat tire.

4. Don’t write SMS and don’t talk on the phone

15 professional tips on driving and not only that everyone needs

Than safely for your vehicle: if to look away and be distracted from the road, this can lead to accidents. Remember that no text message is not worth it.


Than safely for your life: believe me, you will be comfortable and enjoyable driving, if you’re not constantly glued to your phone. We advise you to accustom yourself to the fact that while you are driving, phone for you there. It is better to turn it off. Especially when you are in the car with your family or friends. Turning off the phone (or sound it), you will give yourself more freedom and will enjoy their actions behind the wheel. You will be surprised in the end how much you distract your smartphone before.

But the main thing – abandoning the mobile phone in the car, you increase not only their own safety but also the safety of their loved ones.

5. Find a mechanic you trust


Than safely for your vehicle: do not expect your car will ever work. Unfortunately, the car is a very complicated device that needs constant care and maintenance. If you do not understand anything in the installation and repair of a car, without a good mechanic you can not do. Otherwise you risk to be on the road driving a faulty car. It is very dangerous. Do not wait until hell freezes over (when your car breaks down). Looking for a mechanic in advance.


Than safely for your life: you should know in advance the person can ask for help in the event of a malfunction of the vehicle. Never underestimate the knowledge of an honest auto. Thanks to a good mechanic and you’ll never be on the road in an emergency vehicle.

6. Carry emergency stock of things

15 professional tips on driving and not only that everyone needs

Than safely for your car: shovel, cables-jumpers, chains, flashlights, water, blankets, grills, repair kit for tire repair, etc. In the road can happen, anything.


Than safely for your life: it is better to have a set of emergency things in the trunk, than need them and not have on hand.

7. Do not press sharply a brake pedal, if this is an emergency


Than safely for your vehicle: most importantly – take the road and do not exceed the established speed of movement. So you will be able to notice danger on the road and smoothly to stop the car. Smooth pressing the brake pedal, is more secure than a hard abrupt stop, which can lead to loss of grip with all the ensuing consequences.


Than safely for your life: regardless of the situation, always try to remain calm and avoid rash decisions based on emotions or fear. Remember that when we are nervous or afraid, our brain is not able to make the right decisions.

8. Always wear a seatbelt


Than safely for your car: sitting in the car, always wear your seat belt and check that all passengers have done the same thing. Don’t forget that for unfastened seat belt according to the Russian legislation there is a penalty. And not just for drivers. Fine may and passengers. But it’s not fine. Remember that seat belts have saved hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.


Than safely for your life: expect the best but be prepared for the worst. Don’t forget that even if the accident happens at low speed if you’re not strapped in, you can be severely injured.

9. Make sure you always have a spare tire in proper working condition

15 professional tips on driving and not only that everyone needs

Than safely for your car: check the air pressure in the spare tyre when performing regular vehicle maintenance. In addition, take the time and figure out how your Jack works so you’re not stuck using it for the first time on the road in the event of a puncture. In any case, do not attempt to drive to the tire in run-flat tire. It is dangerous.


Than safely for your life: you should always have a backup plan, in case you can’t change the damaged wheel. For example, in your phone should be written contact to call for help.

10. Keep your hands on the wheel at 9 and 3


Than safely for your vehicle: never forget in the driving school you were taught to keep hands on the wheel. Those who forgot about what was going on, recall that the hands on the steering wheel to hold on to the position 9:00 and 15:00. To understand this, imagine that the steering wheel is a clock face. Put your hands in this position to control your car.


By the way, is the position of the hands on the steering wheel pretty new. Earlier in the Soviet driving schools instructors are encouraged to keep their hands on the 10-2 position.

But why in the modern world recommended to keep the hands in a different position? And the thing is that in older cars the steering wheel is not equipped with hydraulic or electric power steering. In the end, the position of the hands at 9 and 3 was preferable at 10-2. But again it all depends on the type of vehicle. After all, there are still cars without power steering. By the way, the position of the hands of the racers of Formula-1 also at 9-3. In addition, in this hand position on the steering wheel switch turn signals and turn on the wiper. It is also worth noting that today the majority of manufacturers make wheels specifically for the 9-3 hand position. But if you are used to holding hands in the 10-2 position, nothing wrong with that. Do as you more conveniently and more comfortably. The main thing – do not put your hands on the wheel in the other, incorrect positions.


Than safely for your life: have a clear idea about the things that matter most in your life. Never neglect security during movement. Strictly follow all what you told driving instructors during your driver training. And, of course, follow the traffic Rules.

11. Always check the fuel sensor in the tank before heading on a trip


Than safely for your vehicle: before you bring your car from the Parking lot and start moving, take a look at the fuel gauge of the car tidy. Awareness of the supply of fuel will save you from unplanned arrivals at the gas station, and also from the fact that the fuel in your machine over right into a huge traffic jam, far from the nearest gas station. By the way, did you know that low fuel is very unnerving for many drivers? And the less fuel in the tank, the more we begin to panic, which ultimately affects our driving. Remember that when we are nervous, our concentration at the wheel is reduced. Thus, uneven hours, and the accident to get.


Than safely for your life: your car, like you, needs nutrition. No need to keep the car constantly on a starvation diet (to keep the fuel tank is constantly empty). Best fill up full tank. So you will be calmer behind the wheel.

12. Check weather before you go


Than safely for your car: weather can drastically change driving conditions. Take a few seconds to check the weather. We also advise you to heed the warnings of emergency situations that come to us on the phone in form of SMS. Check the weather forecast in various online services on the web the next day. Including on the official website of the Rosgidromettsentrom.


Than safely for your life: everything in our world is changing very rapidly. Do not think that the weather can not prevent your trip. Remember that in bad weather conditions, the risk of getting in an accident increases. So if it is possible to postpone the trip in bad weather, do it. So it will be better than sorry.

13. Assume that everyone else on the road crazy


Than safely for your car: the best way to protect your car from the accident is to set yourself up in such a way that around you on the road crazy (some drivers on Russian roads behave that way). This will allow you to control the road and watch out for other road users, and to promptly respond to someone’s inappropriate actions, walking away from the accident.


Than safely for your life: keep a cool head. Do not pay attention to aggressive drivers who like to provoke conflicts on the road. The world is full of crazy people, literally and figuratively. Be higher people who provoke you into a conflict or even a fight. Be careful and always think about the consequences.

14. Remember the roads on which you drive, and do not rely solely on Navigator

15 professional tips on driving and not only that everyone needs

Than safely for your vehicle: be extremely careful when you first go to a new place. Especially in road signs, markings etc. including don’t rely on GPS in your device. Alas, their testimony is not always 100% accurate. Also remember the routes that you ride. This will increase your security, since you will not need to continually consult with the Navigator, which is very distracting from the road.


Than safely for your life: your intuition is more valuable. Unfortunately, we often cease to listen to your intuition, relying on electronic gadgets, which often fail us at the most inopportune moment.

15. Regularly change the engine oil


Than safely for your car: want your car serve you for as long as possible? Then in any case do not tighten with replacement of the engine oil. Change it as often as possible, and your engine will say thank you for it in the form of a long service life.


Than safely for your life: your car, like you, needs regular checkups. But unlike the medical examination checks of the technical condition of the car will cost you less.

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