14 stages of learning to drive your children

14 tips for parents whose children have decided to learn to drive

14 stages of learning to drive your children  

Well, your children grew up quietly and decided to get behind the wheel. Many parents try to delay this moment, considering that their children even earlier to drive. But remember yourself. Do you not want to sit behind the wheel of the car as soon as possible? So never forbid their children to go to study to driving school. And less worry about the success of their children in the learning process on the rights, support them.

The main thing – do not be surprised of their reaction when they get right and for the first time will be behind the wheel of his car. After all, we were the same. But you can ruin everything. So you should know how to behave with your children, who decided to get behind the wheel.


1) a Dream to drive

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

Your child is 18, and he begins to dream to get behind the wheel? Don’t suppress it’s desire. Yes, he still does not understand what actually the car and what is our responsibility to it when driving on the road. But it does not mean that the child should be banned even dream about it.

This is normal, when your children start to think about my driver’s license before their 18th birthday. Support their child by paying for his driving school and instructor (unless, of course, already allows age).


2) do Not scold your child for the emotions

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

Well, here came that day when your child, after studying at the driving school and successfully passed the exams in the traffic police got their first driver’s license. Now it’s time to give the new driver in the family car. When you give a car to your child, the main thing – do not be surprised of his emotions. They may not be entirely adequate. Also do not scold the child for some early mistakes behind the wheel.

First, before you a inexperienced driver. And secondly, emotions, exciting young driver, often prevent first time to do everything without errors. Remember to better yourself. And you will immediately relate to the actions of their child behind the wheel normally.


3) No need to blame the young driver for being too calm and slow

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

You don’t like how your child drives the car? Are you annoyed that it was never taught in driving school to be assembled and quick? Do not worry. The young driver will all come with time. All drivers-beginners slow. And if your child confuses the transmission into reverse with the front, remaining calm as if nothing happened, there is nothing unnatural. You should, rather, be thankful that your child remains calm behind the wheel.


4) Your child is behaving inappropriately in the Parking lot

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

In no case do not blame the young driver who is just starting their journey behind the wheel, the inability to Park or leave the Parking lot. Did you know that in a world of many experienced drivers who all their lives have difficulty Parking and even away from it? What then you want from your child who just got the rights?


5) do Not need to advise beginners in the offensive form, how to hold the steering wheel

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

You don’t like how inexperienced driver holds during the movement of the steering wheel? You are furious that your child just received a driver’s license, pulls the steering wheel, as if milking a cow? Be calm and try to give advice to the young driver so as not to hurt him.

Because the drivers-beginners are very receptive to any criticism that they can take to heart, bringing even the usual your advice to get the driver out of balance. You know, an inexperienced driver so nervous driving, and here you are with your comments.


6) Help an inexperienced driver, controlling the road signs

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

Unfortunately, even experienced drivers sometimes do not notice many road signs that often leads to accidents. So no need to expect from their children only recently received the law, the utmost attention on the road. Don’t forget that before you is not the computer, but a living person. So instead of blame the inexperienced driver missed the road signs, help him, controlling all traffic signs.


7) Teach a rookie driver to be considerate to pedestrians

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

When drivers-beginners are starting their own drive, they are at first not very serious about pedestrians. For example, many inexperienced drivers do not notice pedestrians. It’s all in the thoughtlessness and improvidence. If you see that your child or any inexperienced drivers often give way to pedestrians, not noticing them on the road, to suppress this behavior, explaining that before any, even an empty pedestrian crossing must slow down and be very careful.

Give an inexperienced driver, that’s the only way you can learn to see all the pedestrians. Try to young driver changed my attitude towards pedestrians.

Also, many inexperienced drivers often think that it is not necessary to pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong place. But really, even if the pedestrian is breaking the law, all drivers just have to skip it to avoid an accident. So I advise to explain this to his children, who first got behind the wheel.


8) Help inexperienced drivers to overcome a fear of motorway

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

We all know that during the training period in driving school candidates drivers even with the. forbidden to travel on the highway and motorway. So many inexperienced drivers when they begin to independently drive a car, in panic afraid to go on the highway.

In this case, I suggest you hire your child beginning your journey behind the wheel instructor after receiving license with the aim of improving the driving experience when driving on the motorway. I do not advise you to give instructions yourself. The highway is no place for self-learning an inexperienced driver. Better leave it to the professionals.


9) If an inexperienced driver is driving unevenly, is this normal

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

No need to yell at inexperienced driver (especially in your child with just the right) for uncertain maneuvering behind the wheel. Also do not need much light in vain to blame the instructor who taught your child the skills of driving. You have to understand that next to the instructor usually inexperienced drivers behave much better than when you’re sitting next to.

You and your child will be more lost. Also don’t expect an inexperienced driver to confidently control the car. Remember that Rome was not built. And experience to your child will come with time. But if you scream, your child may experience complexes behind the wheel. You need it?!


10) do Not need to panic in the car

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

Very often, parents require a lot from their children who have rights. And the thing in panic, which create parents. Especially if we are talking about parents who love to give conflicting advice to their child, but also those who are constantly dissatisfied with any actions of the inexperienced driver. Do not plant a panic.

So you do worse. Believe me, because you are in panic you scream at the child that he forgot to turn on the turn signal before you adjust, your beloved child will not become better.


11) do Not need to fear the actions of an inexperienced driver and not allow him to gain experience

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

Many parents are afraid to ride with their children, recently received a driver’s license. But sometimes they have to go around. And worse, at such moments, parents will advise their child to go to the extreme right lane at slow speeds, considering that so all will be calmer. But it is not worth doing, since such advice and guidance you give your child to gain experience.

Because what is the point to be dragged to the extreme right lane at slow speed, moving in a straight line, when it is possible to adjust to other ranks? You understand that without the experience of rebuilding your child will gain experience maneuvering, without which to imagine driving impossible.


12) Praise the inexperienced driver often

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

Know that it is important not only for your child, who decided to get behind the wheel, but for any driver-novice? It’s peace of mind. And it depends on who is riding beside the driver. If you are going to instill nervyak, then, of course, an inexperienced driver will be very nervous and make a permanent error. Is the same to set an inexperienced driver in a bad mood, better often praise him for any actions. This will give him confidence and peace of mind behind the wheel.


13) in No case do not show their child anger

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

You in anger, call your child a dummy, setting an example to other young drivers to successfully cope with driving? You are constantly angry, showing his irritation? Don’t do it. In no case do not show their displeasure. If you are nervous and get angry, do it discreetly for your child if you don’t want to get it started even more weird driving.


14) Be patient

14 stages of learning to drive your children 

Don’t rush things. Sooner or later your child will gain some experience and will be led better. Yes, unfortunately, everyone is different and to someone it may take a short period of time, and someone will gain confidence behind the wheel soon. But in any case all will be.

No need to think that your child is all stupid. Just wait and you will be rewarded good driving of your child, you will long wonder.