13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

What not to do in the car, not to kill

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

To a decent mechanic who can be trusted, is not so easy. But even if you found the mechanic and you have developed a relationship of trust, it does not mean that your car is in safe hands. After all, how will you serve the car, depends, including, and from you, and not just from the mechanic. We bring you 13 things you should not do in order not to upset someone who repairs and services your car.


Everyone knows that without a good car mechanic it is better not to own. Many motorists wisely approach the process of owning a car, doing first search of the car, and person you can trust maintenance and auto repair.

Alas, today the repair services a lot of charlatans and deceivers. And the horror stories with service center have become a reality. But even if you lucky enough and you found a good senior trust 100%, you should know a few things to not kill your car. Otherwise, your car mechanic will always repair your car. Moreover, in most cases, to blame will be only you. But many such moments will in the soul to blame the mechanic. And for good reason.


1) ignoring the warning signals on the dashboard

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Drivers often think that they can ignore the various icons that appear on the collection tubes, in particular, the icon “Check engine”, believing that this icon only warns about the problem with the level of harmful substances in the exhaust system. But it’s not. Yes, until 1996 the majority of the computers in the vehicle controlled only the level of harmful substances in the exhaust and warns the driver with an icon “Check engine” on the collection tubes. But since 1996, when the car began to use diagnostic connector OBD II, everything changed. In the end, starting this year, all cars use thinner computer system, which when the icon is “Check engine” warns not only about the problems with the fumes. For example, if you saw on the tidy icon or the words “Check engine” (Check Engine) or Service Engine Soon, it could indicate a problem with the engine oil, cooling system, engine timing, transmission, stability control and even all wheel drive.


Today the icon “Check engine” can light up not only when the system detected problems in the motor. In some cars the “Check engine” can appear tidy even if there are problems with airbags. However, usually in this case, along with the “Check engine” on the dashboard can illuminate other icons. But in any case, the appearance of various warning indications on the collection tubes require urgent diagnosis of machines by using special equipment.

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Therefore, in any case, do not ignore the appearance of the icons on the collection tubes. If you often do not pay attention to display different icons on the tidy, risk to apply your car a lot of damage. So better to err and to visit a mechanic to diagnose. It is possible, you just eliminate some sort of problem that could in the future seriously bring your car down.


2) delays in maintenance

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

When your mechanic tells you that you should go to him for routine the maximum after a certain period of time or after a certain mileage on the odometer, you should never ignore its recommendations. Believe me, sincerely your mechanic wants your car served as long as possible.


More recent cars at least somewhat have become more reliable, more comfortable and safer, but, unfortunately, have more exacting tolerances. This means that regular maintenance of modern cars is more important than for old cars.

So don’t think that the recommendations of the manufacturers about the planned replacement of engine oil and other fluids is a Caprice of engineers and a gift for manufacturers of automotive fluids. In fact, all of the fluid in the car is very important. And very important, how often and timely you change them.

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing


Here’s an example: engine coolant is designed not only to protect the motor from overheating. Thus, in the composition of antifreeze is a chemical additive that prevents internal engine corrosion. Unfortunately, these additives wear out over time.

Also if you miss the planned replacement of antifreeze in the cooling system, the risk to early failure of the water pump, the stove and the failure of the radiator cooling. How do you like it? No better time to change the coolant, spending a little money, than to get to the big money?


13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Pass planned replacement of engine oil and gearbox may also end for your machine badly, not to mention the fact that it will hit you in the pocket. Because you risk that the engine and transmission will fail. You know, what they need to recover.

Can’t afford to constantly pay for work to replace the engine oil and the transmission? Then you have two choices: either learn to do everything yourself, or sell the car.


3) Ignoring unusual noises

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Cars in good condition don’t squeal, does not creak, does not whistle, do not rattle and do not emit other strange unpleasant sounds. So if your car appeared abnormal sound, this indicates a problem that should be determined and corrected.

For example, a squealing sound from under the hood could indicate a problem with the drive belt.


A metallic squeal to warn about the faulty water pump or engine bearing. If you hear a grinding sound when braking, it indicates a serious problem with the brakes. Extraneous loud noises somewhere from the bottom during movement talking about the problems with the suspension.


If you during sharp turns steering I hear a crunch, there’s a good chance that your car has a problem with constant velocity joints. Hear the rumble in the cabin coming from the wheels? Perhaps in the car worn out wheel bearing, which you need to change it, while the bad bearing did not break the hub.


So if your car started to make any of these sounds or you hear something unusual, preferably as soon as possible to show your car mechanic. And not overtighten it. Believe me, the components that squealing, buzzing, whistling, banging, creak, snap, clap, etc. do not heal themselves. You have to remember that once there is a strange sound, then some detail has worn away. And if so, it is faster to replace for a new one while it doesn’t cause damage to other components of the machine. Don’t forget that in the car, as in the human body, everything is interconnected.


4) ignoring the smells

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

The oil has a burnt smell indicates that the engine oil or some other fluid in the engine compartment start to get on the hot engine. A burnt odor is also sometimes confused with an exhaust leak.


By the time when you notice the smell most likely leak some fluid is already decent. Remember that leak fluid necessary level drops to a minimum. For example, the minimum oil level in the engine may cause damage to the power unit. The same goes for the gearbox and steering.


Worst of all, burning liquid can cause fire in the engine compartment, which can destroy your car.

The smell of burnt rubber could be a sign of wear belts or rollers. Especially dangerous is the belt that rotates the pump pumping the coolant. In case of problems with this strap the engine of your car may overheat, which will inevitably lead to damage of the motor.


Burning smell from the brakes of your car is a sign that the brake system works correctly.

Just remember: any strange smell in the car is not normal. Ignoring any one of them will lead to considerable expense for repairs. So your nose is the best tool for diagnosing possible problems with the machine.


5) buying a used car without a professional inspection by a mechanic

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Most used cars, sorry, buy, using one of their appearance, condition of the wheels and the presence of good music. But that’s silly. Unfortunately, many motorists on the emotions is often forgotten before purchasing to conduct basic technical diagnosis of the vehicle.

And Oh, how in vain. This is a huge mistake most buyers of used cars.

And remember that even if you before buying, conducted a cursory inspection of the car checked the oil level on the dipstick, looked into the hood space for the detection of leakage of liquids, investigated the bodywork for corrosion, drove behind the wheel, checking the steering system, suspension, brakes, electrical, etc., this does not mean that the machine does not have hidden problems that can be detected only drove the car on the lift to the mechanic.


13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

So before you buy a used car, entrust it the survey of professional. Of course, for technical diagnostics of the condition of the car you will have to pay, of course, if the mechanic is not your friend or good friend who can do everything for free.


But in any case do not spare money for diagnostics, because otherwise after buying the car without a diagnostic you can pay an exorbitant price.


Here’s how to buy a used car correctly:


You and the seller agree on the price


– Schedule with seller a trip to the car wash for vehicle diagnostics


– Diagnosis should be included the scanning of vehicle electronic faults. The main thing in the car’s computer – read not only current codes, but their recent history. By the way, the recent DTC should cause you concern, as it clearly points to the fact that the seller decided to hide.


– Then you need to diagnose the fuel system, ignition system, engine, transmission, cooling system, brake system and the air conditioning system. Inspection should include visual examination and electronic. The result of electronic diagnostics professional mechanic is like a cardiologist ECG of the heart, where it is possible to make the diagnosis. So, an auto mechanic who finds electronic bugs in the system could determine which system in the car is faulty.


After technical and electronic diagnostic machine you get your hands on the report and the estimated cost of the recommended works.


– After the diagnosis of the machine you have two options: to bring down the price tag on the car cost recommended technical works or to refuse the purchase of the machine.


6) Purchase at the lowest price on brake discs and pads

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Original brake discs and pads cost a lot. But every car enthusiast always wants to save money. Often this savings is due to the acquisition of the cheapest brake discs and pads. No, we have nothing against analog aftermarket brake components. On the market today a lot of quite decent quality analog parts. But it does not mean that the market is frankly poor quality counterfeit goods, which are usually sold very cheaply. Unfortunately, many car owners believe that in the brake system, you can use the cheapest components. Actually no. We advise you not to buy cheap brake discs and pads. Not only that, you will upset your car mechanic cheap Chinese counterfeit, and risk of accidents due to unexpected problems with the brakes.


7) Driving on worn tires

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Today, the tyres cost a round sum. And against the background of declining incomes it is not surprising that every year more and more motorists try to squeeze out of the rubber. Of course, nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a set of tires (for some it may be the whole salary for the month).


But did you know that by delaying the purchase of new rubber, every day you increase the risk of getting in an accident, in which you can fly a lot of money? Agree that it is better in this case to give money for new tires than spend big on restoring the car after the accident.


Recall that independent tests of the worn out tire showed that tread wear below the position leads not only to a significant increase in braking distance, but also increases the risk of aquaplaning on wet pavement.

Remember that at high speeds braking path is a disaster.


13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

But riding on worn tires carries with it problems of a different nature. For example, if you run into worn-out wheels on the curb at a speed of 40 km/h, the risk of damaging the disc, a counter lever, traction and even steering knuckle. Don’t forget that the old tires that should be thrown in the trash, can not mitigate the impact as required when hitting the bump. In the end, the impact energy will go to the above components. You understand that it is fraught with hit on money.


8) Driving when the engine overheats

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Motors can overheat because of a coolant leak, a malfunctioning cooling fan scored the radiator, damaged the timing belt, stuck thermostat, a damaged coolant hose and failure of the water pump. Depending on the type of fault is usually to resolve this problem, it is necessary to spend an average of 7000 to 30000 rubles.

However, if you ignore this problem, even when on the dashboard a warning about exceeding the allowable temperature limit of the coolant, it could lead to engine overheating. The worst thing is that many motorists continue to operate your car, even in the overheated motor. This will lead to damage to the power unit with all the ensuing consequences.


If you have an old car with a cast iron engine block, even after the advent of the tidy warnings about the high temperature of the antifreeze you can try to drive at low speed to the nearest service station. However, it is necessary to include the heat in my car on full power, which will take excess heat of the engine into the cabin. Including the path it is advisable to stop and allow the engine to cool.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t really work in modern cars with aluminum engines. You have to remember that driving in the overheated the aluminum engine just for 5 minutes can damage the engine gaskets.

Once the gasket fails, the hot coolant can get into the crankcase, resulting in engine can break down bearings. Also, antifreeze can destroy the catalyst.


So here’s what you should do if your vehicle is overheating (if your machine uses aluminum engine):


– Park on the roadside or Parking lot, including emergency gang


– Turn the stove on full power


– Give some work to the engine (but not more than 1-2 minutes)


– Switch off the engine


– Call a tow truck or tow, if possible, your car is in good car to mechanic that you trust


9) ignoring the oil stains under the car

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Large oily wet spot under the car are a sign that the engine, steering, brake system or gearbox sprung a leak due to damage any gaskets. In this case, the liquid level in the system, from which there is leakage, will be at the minimum or below.

Low fluid level in the engine, the gearbox is fraught with expensive repairs. Also unacceptable low level of antifreeze, brake fluid and power steering fluid. Leaking brake fluid is dangerous. Because your car can at any time brake the abyss.


13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

In order to understand what kind of liquid gets under the car, you have to guide her color and their feelings. For example, engine oil is oily and brown. Coolant can be green, yellow, orange, red, or blue. Antifreeze is thinner to the touch, unlike the more dense the engine oil. Transmission oil, steering fluid, typically bright or dark red (though some fluids for power steering have a dark brown color) and not as oily as motor oil.

Here’s an article about how color to determine what fluid is leaking from the car.


Once you determine the type of fluid that you discovered under your car, find the dipstick or reservoir for this component/system and check fluid level. Probably because the leak is quite low. Add this liquid to the recommended by the vehicle manufacturer level. Naturally, after this you have to repair the leak. Otherwise you will constantly pour liquid.


10) buy a cheap non-original spare parts

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Do you know why mechanics don’t like cheap analog parts? No, not because you deprive them of their earnings by selling more expensive parts. The thing is that often when independent purchase of spare parts to car owners at the auto shops sell outright counterfeit.

As a result, these parts will last very little. If any will serve.

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Naturally, a decent avtomaster will tell you that the parts you bought are worthless. But someone from this easier. After a quick after failure of the Chinese fake parts may be in the soul to begin to blame all the problems of the mechanic. And for good reason. In this case, to blame only you.


11) do You expect that you will free of charge carry electronic diagnostics of the car

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Car owners often think that to diagnose the problem with the car is very simple. It would seem that there is a complex – connected the scanner to the diagnostic connector OBD II, thought all the error codes and then decipher which component is faulty. Further already a trick – order parts in the shop and installed it. But, alas, it is not.

Remember that the reading of error codes is only the first (and most simple) part of diagnosing a problem with the machine. For example, professional technicians go far beyond a simple reading of error codes. The fact that a certain bug in the system has not said that it is necessary to change a component. It’s like recommending a heart transplant because of the increased pressure in the circulatory system.


Therefore, a professional mechanic will not only hold electronic diagnostics, but carefully visually check all vehicle systems. Only a comprehensive examination can establish the true cause of the malfunction of the car.

In the end, to diagnose the fault, may need an hour or even more. You understand that any mechanic time is money. And it may not be free. Otherwise, if the mechanic needs to change occupation if it is all free of charge to diagnose the car.


12) to Tell the mechanic what to do and what to change

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

Some motorists coming to the car wash, I like to specify that you want to replace, based on my own Amateur diagnosis after diagnosis. In principle, nothing wrong there, if you really understand the repair and the device of car. In other cases, your own diagnosis, as a rule, is erroneous. That’s why many mechanics don’t like it when customers arrive at the technical center and ask to change the other part on the basis of their own diagnosis.

The worst thing that motorists often diagnose your car even without a thorough diagnosis, based only on what I read on the Internet (posts on forums and social networks).

But it’s exactly the same nonsense as if doctors in clinics and hospitals put you a diagnosis on symptoms listed in the Network.


13) the Owners are dissatisfied with the cost of various support items during car repair

13 things your car mechanic wants you to stop doing

During repair, the mechanics will use rags, special cleaners, penetrant for rust, spray lubricant, gasket, and means for removing adhesives, sealants, abrasives, lubricants, materials for grinding, as well as new nuts and bolts.

Some specialized cleaners and abrasives are expensive and are consumed very quickly when performing certain operations. That’s why car-care centres and private senior often take their clients money over the cost of these auxiliary materials and things needed for car repair. Many customers do not like it. Some even believe that so they want to cash in. But believe me, these are unavoidable expenses. We can’t have the mechanic at his own expense to purchase a variety of consumables.

So if you don’t want to ruin a trusting relationship with your mechanic, don’t bully him for the invoice to you, which takes into account the cost of various auxiliary materials required to service and repair your vehicle.

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