13 secrets that only knows your car

Only knows what on your car?

13 secrets that only knows your car 

For many of us, the car has long been turned into a second home. Car for us even more than the house, because in it we are in a more personal space. We often don’t want other road users have seen what we do in the car. That is why we love tinted Windows of their cars (including front, despite the fact that it is prohibited by law). And if from others you can escape from your vehicle. He knows everything about you. So treat your car well. So here’s what you know about your car.


1. How often do you look in the rear view mirror …

13 secrets that only knows your car 

For many girls, salon mirror rear view is more than a tool to control the road. Many women can’t live without a mirror. Including in the car. Thank God that the automakers came up with the rear view mirror.

Unfortunately, sometimes women are overly enthusiastic contemplation of his appearance in the car. And not only when the vehicle is stationary. Some ladies manage to monitor their appearance straight during the movement, which often creates dangerous situations on the road. Be careful, girls. Better look in the mirror when you have parked your car.


2. … and how many selfies you made

13 secrets that only knows your car 

As was recently said at a conference of Yandex, the smartphone has become the second human brain. Phone together with us lives our lives. We rely on our smartphone, offering him something to count and calculate, we are looking for a life partner on the Internet with your smartphone, we meet, cuss, and discuss some important topics. But the thing that changed the smartphone is our position in life.

Since the introduction in 2008 of the self to others has become not only the world, but we are with you. It is now the center of attention in pictures taken with the selfie-camera, some events or famous people, and we, and everything else in the world has become background.

That’s why a selfie for many people in the world became more than an ordinary photograph. Naturally, a selfie in his car was also commonplace. Especially for girls, many of whom can’t live without selfie for a minute. View Instagram and you will be shocked by the amount of selfies that were taken in cars. And that scares many of the images made on the go, which, of course, dangerous. Don’t take a selfie when you’re driving. This is not only a violation of the law, but it is very risky for all road users. With safety in mind.


3. Our car knows how many times we’ve parked

13 secrets that only knows your car 

There is probably a driver who at least once in my life parked very badly. And very often the curve Parking the car going without malice (not on purpose) and even experienced drivers sometimes can not exactly to Park.

However, there are those drivers who live by the principle “neither myself nor the people” Parking so that the car can take several Parking spaces. We advise you to respect other motorists. Try to Park so as not to disturb anyone and do not occupy adjacent Parking space. If parked wrong, do not be lazy to move the car.


4. A serious look you throw other drivers …

13 secrets that only knows your car 

Did you pay attention to other drivers when, for example, was stuck in traffic or was driving through the intersection? Noticed that many of the drivers so serious, as if today the President announced the resignation, or the dollar exchange rate was 200 rubles? Some drivers make such a serious form especially, considering themselves more intelligent and important on the road. I think you are not looking with serious face at other drivers?

Wrong. Many of us just do not notice. Most interesting is that we are creatures that typically do not notice any kind of errors, but tend to ignore them for others. In the end, when we see that someone made a mistake on the road, we get angry, nervous and make very serious faces passing by drivers who did on the road something is wrong.


5. … and how we are nervous and start

13 secrets that only knows your car 

Many of us can’t keep emotions inside, throwing an angry look at other drivers who make a mistake on the road. Some of us are starting to freak out behind the wheel, covering a good mate all around. There are drivers who even over nothing on the road can become aggressive.

Most interesting is that as we are only driving. In life most drivers are much calmer.

But, getting into the car, many of us become like other people. Yes, sometimes it is very hard to calm yourself and get nervous. But believe me, it is better to keep yourself in hand. The fact is that, when we are nervous, we are very much distracted from the road that is fraught with accident.


6. How often do we eat fast food

13 secrets that only knows your car 

Only our car knows how often we use behind the wheel harmful fast food. Usually we do not admit that regularly buy food at McDonald’s, Burger king and other eateries. But from our car we never hide.

For many of us a morning ride to work has become a ritual visit to a fastfudnogo cafe, drive-thru, where we like to buy coffee and high-calorie loaf. This, of course, is not good. Breakfast should be more healthy. But, unfortunately, our habits – it is much more than just Breakfast at McDonalds. But we don’t like to talk about it. It’s a secret.


7. Only our vehicle knows the exact location of everything you ever did drop in those pesky little holes

13 secrets that only knows your car 

Unfortunately, the cabin of our machine many different voids and cracks, where we frequently drop your gadgets, food, credit cards, bonus gas cards, money and all that is possible. Sometimes we actually lose something in the car and can’t find it. And only the car knows where our stuff is.


8. The car knows all your weird habits, for example playing the same song 10 times in a row …

13 secrets that only knows your car 

You like to listen to music in the car? Who doesn’t like. Almost all drivers listen to music while driving. But many of us usually keep in secret that they can ten times in a row to listen to the same song. This, in fact, there is nothing wrong. But we usually shy in front of strangers to listen to the same music many times in a row. Usually we do it when alone in the car. That’s why our car only knows how many times we turn on the same track.


9. … sing along in a loud voice

13 secrets that only knows your car 

Many of us love to sing along to their favorite music. Some of us like to do it very loudly. But most often we do this when we go in the car. When passengers are not many people like to sing along. Although what? On the contrary, their emotions do not need to be ashamed of. It liberates and deprives us of unnecessary complexes.


10. … and show off their unusual movements to music

13 secrets that only knows your car 

There are those among us who simply listen and sing along to your favorite song a little. We want to dance. Although, of course, the car is not a place for dancing. But who stops it. Especially young people, where the music is live help.

Just be careful. Don’t stroke during the movement. Also, do not allow your passengers to twitch, as on the dance floor. This can greatly distract you from the road. It is dangerous.


11. Your favorite scenic routes

13 secrets that only knows your car 

Every driver has their favorite routes. This is especially true of some beautiful countryside.. But we are reluctant to share their experiences with their passengers. Many of us love to drive to their favorite trails alone, thinking about life. And only our car knows all our secret routes.


12. The car knows that you and your friends are really doing

13 secrets that only knows your car 

What we do in the car! And eating with friends, and even transform the car near the house in a kind of meeting place for a beer. Sometimes for us is like the bar in the club. But what we are doing in her car, she knows only. For the rest it is a mystery.


13. Our car knows about all the emotions that we can

13 secrets that only knows your car 

Rage due to traffic jams and anger on the stupid driver to the excitement associated with the choice of dates for a visit to the official dealer to exchange your car for a new one, – our car knows all of our emotions happen to us all the time possession of the vehicle. For many of us the car more than the car. Someone in the car found my second half, someone on the contrary, took the decision to divorce, someone helped someone in life. Of course, only the car becomes a witness of all that we are experiencing.