12 ways every day to save money on owning your car

The simplest ways to save on the cost of owning a car.

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Your car is your child, your treasure, etc. But do not forget that “children” can become expensive. After all, the car is solid maintenance costs, ranging from fuel and insurance, and finishing with maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, to significantly reduce the cost of owning a car you are unlikely to succeed without harm to the machine. But to save a little you can still. And every day. In the annual period, the money saved can be formed in quite a decent amount. Here the most simple ways to reduce the cost of maintaining your car.


1) track technical condition of the vehicle and carry out all recommended maintenance work

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

See guidelines on your car or the service book which States the rules of planned maintenance work. Monitor the deadlines for the FACT that your car was always in good technical condition.


For example, if your machine needs every 75,000 miles to change the timing belt and your car has passed 100 000 km, as soon as possible please contact the service center in order to produce the planned replacement of the timing belt. Otherwise, a torn belt can become for you a huge headache, associated with large expenses for the repair of the engine.


Yes, unfortunately, many of the machines as a result of breakage of the timing belt valve cylinder heads meet with the pistons of the engine, causing irreparable damage to its internal components.

See, which can lead to delays in servicing of the car. So it is better not to bring up such and promptly change all the necessary components.


2) will Learn how to do some easy things in the car

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Want to save decent money on car maintenance? Then you need to learn how to do some simple work yourself. For example, checking the level of all fluids in the car, and even replace the engine oil quite a force, even the blonde girl. It is not very difficult.


Doing part of the work itself, we save significantly the money that we would give to the service for a trifling five-minute work.


3) Regularly check the tire pressure

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Perhaps this is one of the easiest things you can do yourself with your car. But despite its simplicity, this periodic checking tyre pressure can save you a lot of money.


The fact is that tire pressure changes periodically due to changes in temperature and pressure in the surrounding space. If you don’t regularly check tire pressure, this can lead to increased fuel consumption (for example, when the wheels are not downloaded).


Also when there is insufficient pressure in the wheels, can start increased wear of the tread rubber. As a result, even new tires can wear out in a short time. If you don’t know how to check the tire pressure, then go to any auto repair, tire store or gas station where you will be helped to check the pressure in the wheels.


4) Use cruise control when possible

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Including cruise control, in which the vehicle begins to independently control the gas pedal (and some cars also begins to control and the brake pedal, automatically keeping the distance to other cars), you avoid unnecessary sharp braking and acceleration. In the end, your car will be much less consume fuel, can save you a large sum of money.


5) do Not pour high-octane fuel in the car if it is not required

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Many drivers often think that the higher octane the fuel the better it will be for the car. But it’s not. If your car doesn’t need refueling expensive high-octane fuel, it makes no sense to overpay on it. In most cases, it will be thrown out money.


6) Check regularly the condition of the air filter

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Remember that your car needs to breathe. He, like us can not do without air. Unfortunately, if the air filter gets too dirty, your car won’t be able to breathe properly. In the end, due to the lack of oxygen for the preparation of the fuel-air mixture your car to lose traction and begin to “eat” fuel.


Therefore, regularly check the condition of the air filter and if necessary replace it with a new one. And you do not need to pay someone money. You can do everything yourself. To do this, look in the manual car how to open the cover that hides the air filter. Then just replace the old filter with a new one. Your machine will thank you for a clean air filter, thanking you saved on fuel money.


7) apply for a Bank card with high cash back for gas stations

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Many banks now offer special credit or debit Bank card with high cashback when paying for fuel at filling stations. Having issued such card, your account will fall or bonuses in the form of points that you can spend on fuel at the same gas station, or money that you can spend anywhere.


Agree, a great way to lower your expenses at the filling station of the machine. A trifle, but nice. In annual scale, your savings can be even very decent. Especially if your annual mileage is more than 30 thousand km.


8) Do balancing of wheels and swap them twice a year

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Unfortunately, rarely when the tires wear out evenly. Basically, the tire wear is uneven. For example, if your car is front-wheel drive, of course, the quickest way to wear out are the front wheels. That is why in spring and summer it is necessary to move the wheels by swapping them (for example, the front put on the rear axle, and the rear on the contrary set to the front axle).


So you can increase your tire life and get more even tread wear. Also suggest you 1-2 times per year to balance the wheels, because due to natural wear of the tread center of gravity of the wheels changes. In the event of displacement of the centre of gravity is upset wheel balance, which also affects premature tire wear.


9) avoid idling

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

What do you think, when your car consumes the most fuel? Many people think that this happens when we press the pedal to the floor and run from the scene, spinning the motor up to maximum speed. Yes, of course, in this mode, our car will consume fuel like a hungry teenager at McDonalds. But really, most of all, your car consumes fuel at idle. So if you want to save money try to keep your car idling as little as possible.


10) Try to carry in the car with fewer passengers

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

You probably know that the heavier your car is, the more it consumes fuel. So when you are in the car, your car consumes much less fuel, in contrast to if the car will be three passengers. You understand that by putting passengers in your car, you greatly increase its weight.


In the end, the engine of your car will be harder to move it down the road. Accordingly, this will affect the total fuel consumption. Although it is recognized that with a full car of friends to go a lot more fun. However do not forget that the car is not the place to have fun.


11) Be calm behind the wheel and do not drive aggressively

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

Many people wonder why their car consumes a lot more than a similar model from other people. But most often there is nothing odd or strange. Pay attention to your style of driving. Look at yourself from the side to analyze your driving style. Do you know what your driving style is 20-30%, the average fuel consumption of your car?


If you want to save money on owning a car, your first task is to reduce fuel consumption. To do this, learn how to drive carefully and safely.


For example, if you’re ahead you see a stoplight, you do not need to rush headlong to the stop line, then rapidly depress the brake pedal. Reduce speed in advance smoothly. Budge also gradually without jerks, avoiding the sharp pressing the gas pedal.


If you arrive late, also don’t lose your head. No need to stand on the road racing track, breaking traffic rules, just to make it. Isn’t it easier to call back where you are late, explaining that a little late due to difficulties on the road. So not only will you reduce the risk of getting in an accident and running into the penalty, but also save a lot of money on fuel.


12) Try in one trip to combine all their business

12 ways every day to save money on owning your car 

If you want to save money on fuel before you ride, perform competent planning. For example, if you go through tubes, etc., try in one trip to combine all the Affairs that are associated with the intermediate races to different addresses.


In General, you should not pitch your business on a few trips, if possible to combine. Yes, you will make your trip longer, but will be able at once to call in those places where planned to make several trips. This will allow you to save money on fuel.