12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle

That’s what we are constantly worried about driving.

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle  

Cars unique, complex and incredible. But don’t worry about the wheel for nothing or to focus too much attention on one thing. It is very distracting while driving. Remember that the whole world is our restless. So driving you can’t be sure. But to experience unreasonable fear or worry about everything behind the wheel too bad. But what we care about in the car most often? What we always fear?


1. Start car

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

We constantly experiencing that when we run the engine for fear that he will not start. These fears are especially vulnerable to those who had the experience of owning old cars (for example, domestic machines, which are very often snapped when the engine is started). But, despite the fact that most of us today knows the modern cars, the fear that something goes wrong when starting the motor, still present.

Instead, stop to worry. The probability of not starting of the engine is minimal. Just hit the brake, put the Parking brake, turn the ignition on and you will be happy… especially troubled when the engine is started, by the way, feel the drivers-beginners. Overpower your fear. Start the engine and you will realize that the excitement was in vain.


2. We are constantly concerned about the readings on the dashboard

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

Many drivers pay very close attention to the dashboard of the car when they are driving. But don’t constantly look at the odometer. It is very distracting from the road, which, of course, dangerous. No, we do not encourage you do not to look at her.

After all, you need to somehow monitor the current machine speed, engine speed, fuel level and engine temperature. But this does not mean that you have to constantly focus on the collection tubes. Don’t worry: even if you look at the readings not so often that you don’t miss anything.


3. Check mirrors again and again

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

Some drivers have a fixed habit of constantly adjusting the rear view mirror. Calm down. Because your unnecessary anxiety can greatly distract you while driving. Do not bother with unnecessary information. Stop constantly adjust the mirror. Especially on the go.

Yes, there are many drivers who work during the movement. Don’t do it in any case. It is dangerous. If you want to handle them, then step out of the vehicle, stop and adjust on health. In General it is better to correctly adjust the rear view mirror than to constantly adjust their position.


4. Enough to constantly check the tightness of wheel bolts

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

Some drivers are afraid that their car will fall off the wheels. That is why someone has not parted with the key cylinder or constantly picks on the tire to check the level, tighten the wheel bolts. Why a lot of drivers consider that the wheel bolts tend to spin quickly? Yes, of course, the level of bolt torque should be checked, but not so often.

You should also check bolts on wheels after some tire work. Sometimes employees of the tire, unfortunately, do not tighten the bolts until the end. But it does not mean that you have to constantly worry about wheel bolts. Do not forget: on the road there are more important things that you have to hammer your head behind the wheel.


5. Car wash

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

Each of us has their own idea of clean. Someone at home every day cleaning takes place, resulting in all-around in housing is fragrant and shiny. For such people, extra dust in the house is a disaster. Of course, such people have a car is also always clean. Someone, on the contrary, at home the dirt and dust. These people and the car is washed once a month at the promises. In General, we are all different.

Also we all react differently to washing your car. After all, there are people who wash the car almost every day, as my car is constantly dirty. For someone clean car every day – it’s like polished shoes.

You don’t want to bother about the appearance of your car and wash your car too often. Don’t forget that as a rare washing, and too often harm the paintwork of the car. Remember: in life everything should be done in moderation.


6. We constantly fear that we are deceived at the gas station

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

Since the times of the mass of the incomplete filling of fuel on the Soviet gas stations many of us are still afraid of being cheated at the gas station. Yes, of course, the underfilling today, even on a known network stations. But believe me, they are insignificant and not so frequent as it seems, unlike the old times, when our country really could not pour 1-2 liters of fuel.

Today, if you do not add some sort of drops, you will lose you on this mere pennies. Unfortunately, from incomplete filling of fuel no one is immune, just as no one is immune from in-store purchase of damaged goods. But this does not mean that you need to constantly worry about it. That’s life. Take it easy.


7. Continuous regulation of the ventilation holes

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

There are among us many drivers who are constantly concerned, as regulated ventilation blinds in the cabin. It would seem, adjust them once and forget. But no. Then we’re cold, we’re hot, etc. Someone actually believes that his car’s set-up ventilation sucks, constantly adjusting ventilation blinds here and there. Calm down.

Treat the ventilation holes in the cabin quieter. Believe me, you do not adjust them perfectly. Due to frequent changes in temperature and variability of natural conditions, many of us are ever dissatisfied with the adjustable ventilation shutters.


8. Parking

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

For many of us Parking is a nightmare. Okay if it applies to drivers that have just recently first got behind the wheel. But among motorists experienced drivers, for whom Parking has remained a flour and a huge headache. In this case, for such drivers, the process of Parking may remain for life a very exciting time.

There are drivers with decent experience who can’t even Park without assistance. And it concerns not only the fairer sex. If you want to worry less while driving, I treat the Parking lot as something routine, even if you have no experience behind the wheel. And not to blame for stupidity, etc., setting himself as an example to other drivers.

Don’t forget: we are all different, with different mentality that Oh, how that affects our style and driving skill. In General, less worry, and everything will be type-top.


9. We are afraid to be fined

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

You were fined for traffic violations? Well, of course, Yes. Probably, there are no such drivers who would not have received from the traffic COP Protocol with a receipt or letter of happiness from the cameras fotovideofiksatsii. Especially these days, when the cameras of the traffic police arranged like a net throughout the country.

The fact that all drivers receive periodic fines for traffic violations, does not mean that all motorists – finished violators of the law. Most of us get fines due to their negligence or due to the fact that they forget some complicated Rules of the road.


But most often we get penalties because of the tricks of the traffic police who love to watch the roads with confusing road markings, signs, etc. including we often get fines from the cameras, which are on the road specially tricky balance (when the camera is mounted in the area of the sign, dramatically limiting the speed limit – for example, 80 km/h to 60 km/h or even 40 km/h).

It is logical that even experienced drivers, who know the traffic rules by heart, often come to the attention of the state.


But despite this, many drivers are afraid of fines for violation of traffic rules, and when you get it, you begin to berate yourself hurl. Not worth it, take it easy. All drivers receive fines. Do not be afraid to get a letter of happiness. This is very distracting while driving, which can lead to accidents. Agree that occasionally it is better to fines than to spend money on car repairs in the accident.


10. The fear to call for stop line

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

A strictly try to adhere to the restrictions and prohibitions in the rules of the road. For example, as we have said, this is due to the fear of getting a fine for a traffic violation. But there is a category of drivers who are worried about the traffic Rules not for the fact that their violation can be fined.

For many follow the traffic rules becomes an obsession. And this, of course, fine but no need to go too. Everything in moderation. It is better its close relationship to the traffic rules also spread something else. For example, many drivers stop line on the road becomes a commandment that could not be crossed (to cross). And rightly so.


A stop-line, of course, cross is strictly prohibited. But many drivers behave as if they cross, the Apocalypse will begin. In the end, this category of drivers almost a kilometer begins to reduce speed, afraid to stop for this line. Unfortunately, sometimes it strongly interferes with the normal traffic on the road and very angry of other drivers. Think about it for leisure.


11. You are constantly worried about setting your favorite radio stations go astray

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

Some drivers, getting into the car after starting the engine, start immediately to test your settings, radio stations, fearing that they were lost. Do not worry unnecessary about the and nothing. First, there is nothing to worry about settings while the car battery is in working condition. While battery is working, the settings of radio channels will remain in place.

Second, even if somehow these settings get off, anything unnatural is not going to happen. If not immediately, but you will restore your favorite radio channels again and writes them in the memory of the media device. Believe me, in the car there are more important things that you should concern and worry.


12. Leaving the car, we are constantly several times to check the door locks

12 points that we are constantly concerned in the vehicle 

Many people, leaving the house, often check several times if the door is locked. For some, this process turns into a compulsive habit. There are also drivers who parked the car at home, long time can not move away from it, walking around it, checking whether all the doors are locked, all Windows rolled up until the end, etc. Is among us and those motorists that are almost three times pulled the door, constantly making sure the machine is closed.

Yes, of course, check whether the vehicle is closed, before leaving home, have each driver. But you don’t need to do it several times. Such fears make the process of car ownership is terrible and unpleasant.