12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing

Here are avtotekhnologii never cease to amaze even in the 21st century.

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Progress does not stand still. More recently, we were surprised and fascinated by computers and digital cameras, but today we do not see anything unusual in modern smartphones, that power has surpassed the performance of computers used for flight of the first astronauts and the lunar program, Apollo. The world is changing so fast with new technologies that we simply have forgotten how to do something marvel and something to admire.

Today is not surprised by the new cars that become more similar to each other. But there are automotive technologies that seem incredible even today. Such technologies will affect us for a very long time as a surprise to some technology of many books of science fiction. We have gathered for you the Top 12 most incredible autotechnology.


1) the projection of the Instrument control panel on the windshield

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Despite the fact that this technology was introduced in the automotive industry not today, she still delights and amazes. Not only that, it allows you to look the windshield as in a video game, and even gives more safety while driving. A projection on the windshield the most important information the driver is less distracted from the road.


2) Bicycle and pedestrian radar

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Car with walking and Cycling radar is able to track pedestrians and cyclists and, in case of danger of collision with them, is capable of a millisecond to make a decision about emergency braking. However, this will happen if the electronics decide that a collision is imminent. In other situation, the car will warn the driver about dangers in advance.

This technology shows that modern safety systems in cars are becoming really smart.


3) Glow in the dark rims

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Want your car looked exactly the same as in the movie “Tron”? No problem. The world is already a cheap technology that will allow you to make interesting LED-tuning the wheels of your car. In the end, after the installation of the tuning kit the wheels of your car would Shine a bright LED light. It looks unusual and amazing.


4) full digital instrument panel with virtual gauges

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

10-15 years ago the screen instead of the digital dashboard can be seen in various science fiction films. Today, digital tidy already started to conquer the industry. Recall that the first digital devices-they are expensive cars. Today, more and more digital tidy began to appear at the usual, not very expensive machines. So now, analog dashboard look like steam engines on a background of conventional motors. The world needs to ensure that the car inside looked modern and high-tech. So soon all cars will feel the spacecraft.


5) temperature Sensitive paint

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Temperature sensitive paint, which recently appeared in the world, allows you to make your chameleon. How does it work? It’s very simple. Also, as a female I that when you change the temperature of the ambient air changes its color.

I mean, painting machine thermal point, you will be able to create the colors of the machine anything. Interesting tuning for the individualization of your car.


6) Led laser lights

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Quite recently, in the automotive industry several automakers have started to introduce their new laser LED headlights. Not only that, these headlights look really cool, they’re three times brighter and beat twice as far compared to conventional led lights.


7) Adjustable color lights

If the thermal point automotive can help us to personalize the car in accordance with our taste, technology adjust the color of lights using a mobile phone is able to make the headlights fit our mood.

Do you think that this is impossible? In vain. Don’t forget we live in the 21st century, the era of smartphones, LEDs, and wireless communication sources.

Not so long ago in Autoworld there was interesting technology that allows you to change the color of the headlights with the application in the smartphone.


8) Intelligent door handles

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Today, every gram of fuel or battery charge on your account. Therefore, automotive designers are paying in our days, maximum attention to the aerodynamics of the car. Recall that the better it is, the less the vehicle is wind resistance. Accordingly, decreases the consumption of fuel or energy, if we are talking about electric cars.

In the end, this attention to improved aerodynamic performance of modern cars has led to the fact that in the auto world there were “smart” door handles that hide inside the doors, but move when you hold them in hand, for you to be able to open the car. This technology allows to reduce the aerodynamic resistance of the air. You will not believe it, but protruding from the handle body significantly affects the vehicle’s efficiency. It’s amazing what came progress in the automotive industry.


9) Adaptive digital controls

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

And here’s a recent automotive technology, which came to us from the future, as if created in some fantasy novel. Imagine that the center console or the console, located between the two front seats in your car, turned into a giant iPhone, which would be able to scan your fingerprints, your handwriting style, etc. meanwhile, these panels are already in the industry.


10) Sophisticated automatic parallel Parking

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

When the automotive industry began to appear the first automatic system for Parking assistance, they were more like self-indulgence and hardly could really help inexperienced drivers to Park properly. Especially if you had to Park your car in a difficult spot. Then in the auto world appeared more advanced system of automatic Parking, which could perform not at all easy maneuvers in the Parking lot.

Unfortunately, such systems often failed and refused to help Park in tight spaces. But recently the world has a new Autonomous Park assist. Including system that can Park the car in a narrow space, and using parallel Parking. However, when parallel Parking in the Autonomous mode, the system still requires that the driver was in his place.


11) Automatic Parking without driver

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

But time does not stand still. And now, in the world today available in more advanced technology aid in Parking. Not long ago, some cars have a serial system that allows the car to Park itself, without driver intervention. That is, the car is able to stand in the Parking lot. By the way, with this system you can manage the process of Parking, standing on the street. For this you need a smartphone and a special application.


12) the Mode of auto-pilot car

12 car technologies that are incredibly amazing 

Imagine a world where you got into the car, enter on the touch screen of your destination, recline on your chair, relax, close my eyes, and hit the road. The machine will take the controls. Yes, of course, self-driving is fun, great. This emotion and drive. But there are cases when to take the wheel he does not want. So to go in the car with a fully safe and reliable autopilot, maybe even more fun and comfortable.

This technology until recently seemed fantastic. But our world is on the verge of transition to fully Autonomous vehicles that will drive on the road without our participation. Very soon in many countries (including some of the major cities of Russia), the first serial transport with the autopilot will be on the road. We are talking about Autonomous buses, taxis, trams, etc.

So we live in an amazing time supertechnology that bring us closer to an incredible future.