11 things to know drivers in the city

That’s the difference between those who drive a car in the city.

11 things to know drivers in the city  

We all know that not all cars are created equal. But also we are with you behind the wheel differ from each other. We all your driving style and individual driving behaviour. But are city drivers from those who are driving outside of major cities? Of course. We have gathered for you the TOP things that are known only to those who each day drives a car in the city.


1. You need to set an alarm to clear in the morning the Parking space

11 things to know drivers in the city 

In some cities (especially in Moscow) many drivers have weekday to set the alarm clock to catch up to 8-00 to remove the car from Parking near the house. Otherwise, starting from 8-00, Parking is paid for. This is especially important in Moscow, where more than half of city streets are paid Parking space where on weekdays in the daytime for free to put the car in the area of the stay (if it is all paid street).

Alas, for many car owners residing in Moscow, Parking near the house also got into the Parking space in the capital. As a result, many Parking lots near the residence were paid. Fortunately, for free Parking the car from 20-00 to 8-00 the local residents can obtain a resident Parking permit.

But it’s still an inconvenience. Because every day you will have to set the alarm in time to remove the vehicle from the Parking lot until 8am.


2. Parking in the city is an art that not many master

11 things to know drivers in the city 

Know what the secret car Parking in the major cities of our country? No, you do not need to download any apps that helps to search free Parking. Unfortunately, such applications do not help, as free Parking places and very often those who do not pay it.

In the end, for many urban drivers, the process of finding free space in the Parking lots turns into a real torture and a waste of time. Actually the best way to Park is to buy a small car which can be parked anywhere.

For those who owns a normal car, does not remain anything else how to master the ability to professionally to Park in millimeters between cars. Alas, not everyone is able to Park very tightly. Nevertheless, every year these drivers are becoming more and more. You understand that the desire to find a free Parking space is still not to teach.


3. Drivers in the city I envy those who can ride on public lanes

11 things to know drivers in the city 

Know what the most terrible punishment for drivers in Moscow and other large cities, where authorities organized public lanes for public transport? To stand for hours in traffic jams and watch on the public bands fly taxi drivers, buses, trolleys, and drive normal cars without numbers or with concealed license plates.

Alas, to travel on public lanes conventional drivers cannot. Otherwise they face a large fine. For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is 3000 rubles. In other cities for traffic on the public lane to the owner face a fine of 1,500 rubles.


4. City motorists know that you have to be very careful of pedestrians

11 things to know drivers in the city 

If you just recently acquired the rights or have recently moved to a large city, the first time it will not be particularly attentive to pedestrians. But, after driving a bit around town, you will understand that in an urban environment you need to be twice more attentive to people on pedestrian crossings. Otherwise, you will not only violate traffic rules but also to conflict with pedestrians.


5. Cyclists in the city take drivers from themselves

11 things to know drivers in the city 

You’re annoyed by cyclists on the roads? Especially when someone is going slowly in front of your car, despite the fact that near the road there is a special lane for bicycles. At such moments, many drivers go out of himself. Especially those who do not yet have much experience driving in the city.

Those who have long drives in the city, have long ceased to pay attention to annoying all road users – cyclists. The fact that in urban settings there many other stressful things. And if you pay attention to every cyclist, and to a nervous breakdown not far. Unfortunately, cyclists are able to even the most calm drivers. For example, when cyclists ride on the pedestrian walkway right on the bike, breaking traffic rules.


6. You have and love, and hatred of traffic jams

11 things to know drivers in the city 

You noticed how it changes our mood behind the wheel while driving in the city? Especially when we spend hours each day stuck in traffic jams. It’s amazing how standing every day in a traffic jam on the same road, one day we are comfortable with the congestion and even sometimes find in them some benefits, but the other day cursing the mayor, the utilities and even the President over traffic congestion. Yes, urban drivers have a very variable mood. But it’s forgivable. Because people waste their time in traffic jams. Who’s got the nerves will stand.


7. Camera traffic in the cities is an additional tax on car owners

11 things to know drivers in the city 

If you don’t live in the city, you probably won’t understand what dotted with cameras, police the streets, which are well replenish local budgets. After all, cameras in the cities has long been one of the major non-tax sources of income.


And, unfortunately, complexes of fotovideofiksatsiey every year becomes more and more. It is logical that the number of tickets being issued is growing. Therefore, when the cost of owning a car you should always consider the costs of paying the fines. Without penalties to driving in the city impossible. Yes, if you are a law-abiding citizen and even if you know by heart the Rules of the road, you are still unlikely to be able to drive without penalty.

Don’t believe? Then welcome to Moscow, which is littered with cameras, traffic police and TMS standing in very tricky places. Plus don’t forget that Moscow also has a savvy traffic cops who love to watch the inattentive drivers in different locations-traps, which in Moscow a pond Prudi.


8. Only driver in town knows what hunger is

11 things to know drivers in the city 

Alas, the inhabitants of the cities is not always enough time. For many, the trip to the store for groceries – is a luxury. Unfortunately, the rhythm of a big city, traffic, work, children do not leave any free minute. In the end, many drivers even have time to eat. That is why in recent years in our country have become so popular different fast food restaurants, where you can, not leaving the car, to buy a “set weight”.


9. Magic bridges attracts tourists – but they do not notice local drivers

11 things to know drivers in the city 

In many large cities of Russia there are a lot of stunning road bridges, which attracts by its scale and beauty. Alas, the true beauty of these Grand structures can usually be assessed only by tourists. Local city drivers don’t notice the bridges. And if you notice, only with irritation. Especially when they formed many kilometers of traffic jams.


10. Drivers in the city are constantly complaining about other drivers

11 things to know drivers in the city 

Did you notice behind the wheel as you constantly criticize other drivers? There are even days when you think everything’s some kind of stupid, nervous, etc. At such moments, you may feel that you are the perfect driver on the road.

Of course, it is not. It works like our brain. Especially when we are nervous. In such moments it annoys us all. Even those drivers who behave appropriately on the road. And most interestingly, this often happens with urban drivers.


11. Some city drivers love to show off their mad driving skills

11 things to know drivers in the city 

If you are just beginning to live in a big city, then prepare to meet from time to time with unusual drivers, who at the first opportunity, trying to show others their extraordinary driving skills. Alas, more often than not this demonstration consists of aggressive driving, or in some inadequate actions. So don’t be surprised.

For major cities this is normal. And it is larger than, the more you will meet on the road strange drivers. Yes, they are everywhere. But the concentration of such drivers is very large. Especially among those for whom the bundle of fines – a penny (Golden youth, rich drivers, etc.).