11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Without any options, it will be impossible to introduce a new car?

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Agree, not too nice to know during the first trip on your new car, it lacks some important options that are standard for the majority of other cars. Take, for example, led automotive lighting: it has quickly become the standard for many cars, but in fact it is guaranteed to use only running lights and rear lamps. Inexperienced car owners think that buying a new car, they get the diodes in each lighting device of a car.

Every week we get to review new cars and regardless of how well they are made, we keep finding one or more options that should be standard on all cars. Although automakers offer buyers more car for less money, the basic package the basic options are still not completely formed.

In the 1990’s, air conditioning was considered an option over the next decade it remained a sign of luxury and were installed in cars of high class. With the development of technical advances and reduction of production cost, powerful and efficient electric car has become the norm, as the presence of air conditioning in every modern car. Buyers dictate new trends, and not Vice versa. If they expect to see some option the machine as a standard, the manufacturers better do it in order not to lose customers.

Thus, after discussing these ideas, my colleagues and I decided to compile a list of 11 options, which must necessarily be present in every new car in the next 5 years. Will come true if our desires? Maybe not. But you will know what to look for when it comes time to buy a new car.

1. Folding mirrors with lights

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Mirror 2016 Nissan Maxima

Once it was an exclusive option from Mercedes-Benz, add to the impression of the welcome of the driver when pressing key FOB (opening of mirrors and ambient lighting at the door). Now this option is available on all types of cars from the Nissan Maxima to the Kia Forte 5. But it’s not just a neat light show, the lamp in the bottom of the mirrors illuminates the ground around the front doors, so you can see the handle of the door, and security approach to the car.

An additional advantage of automatically folding mirrors is the fact avtoprivod, so you don’t need every time around the car to fold the passenger mirror and not to put yourself in danger on a busy street. Avtostudiya mirrors also virtually guarantees their safety and protection from being cut off passing trucks. This option should definitely be in every car.

2. Heated headlights

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

2016 Lexus RX450H F Sport

Remember the Volvo with constantly breaking the windshield wipers on the headlights head light. Theoretically, this was a great idea, but in practice it has not spread. The reason is simple – on headlamps accumulated snow and ice prevented the windshield wipers to effectively carry out their work, and washer fluid sooner or later ended.

Now imagine heated windshield spotlight light, design and device which is so simple that you will be surprised by the fact that this development no one realized before. All that is required for such a solution is a special hole in the headlight, through which is fed the heat from the engine, allowing the snow and ice quickly melt. Of course, the headlight must be made of heat-resistant plastic, and electrical components are protected from thermal effects.

3. The camera sweep panorama

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

2016 Nissan Maxima body camera

This is one of our favorite features on modern cars, which makes driving much easier and safer. Despite the fact that the camera only has now reached the level at which they are standard on all models, the realization of the fact that you are insured against accidental “cut” the curb in front of the car and you hit another obstacle, allows you to feel more confident. Add to that heated seats and good graphics, this option becomes almost the most popular.

4. Park assist

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Most drivers prefer to Park their cars, not trusting the process of electronic assistants. However, a growing number of car owners who would like to confidently and safely install their car in the right place at parallel Parking, especially in crowded conditions.

Option Parking assistant is not standard for modern cars, but the fact how we see a lot of damaged bumpers every day, allows us to understand the potential of this development. This technology is not as expensive as it used to, and probably five years will be a standard option for all new cars.

5. Keyless entry

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Keyless entry

Keyless entry is another increasingly popular and of course useful feature that should be standard for all cars. Option, once considered a luxury item and are only for luxury cars, are increasingly common today in the mid-range models. If it is a small and practical invention to date, practically took the place of the standard option, then why all cars don’t have it in the near future?

6. Weight sensors in the seats.

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Control lamp for airbag

This is a pretty big problem for people of small stature because, regardless of their age or growth, if they weigh enough to trigger the airbag in case of an accident, they will have problems. Sensors the sensors are programmed to inform the onboard computer of the vehicle whether to use the airbag in a collision. Agree your backpack or bag lying on the seat, do not deserve to for their protection in emergency work pillows.

Imagine sitting in the passenger seat with a child weighing 30-40 kg. Seating, unfortunately, is just a “bag of bones” in an emergency! This is a big problem that we see in today’s automotive industry and we are amazed that it is still at the legislative level has not enacted laws for mandatory use of the weight sensors. This is a basic condition of survival in emergency situations for thin people.

7. Efficient use of space, drawers for things in the seats.

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Dodge Journey

The stowage in the seat – a simple and efficient method to utilize the internal space of the car. Especially notable in this direction American manufacturers Dodge and Jeep, which produce the design of the seats c that maximise the efficient use of space.

Thanks to the retractable type boxes (including the option of closing with key) – they are easy to use, roomy and perfect for storing valuables. This option is not so complicated and expensive in design, however, protects things and saves them from rolling while riding.

8. Intelligent laser lights

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Audi R8 with laser headlights

This technology is described as if it came from the Austin powers movies. But it is already tested and approved by European manufacturers. Indicators of efficiency of laser lighting superior to traditional counterparts 10 times. Then what holds us back from mass use of technology?

According to a recent report “Car and Driver”, by 2019, these large agencies to test the security, as NHTSA and IIHS will take into account the efficiency of the headlamps in their General ratings of new cars and award prizes to the best. But while there are outdated rules, and the production of laser headlights is too expensive, we’ll have to wait some time to see this futuristic technology into mass use.

9. Heated / ventilated seats

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Ventilated seats

Today, even an economical car it is difficult to imagine without the option of heated front seats. The cost of equipment heated seats have become so low that more and more car comes with heated seats both front and rear.

Of course, the ventilated seats do increase the cost for the buyer, but the simplicity and convenience of modern sensors, air-cooled makes them all the more appealing. The luxury brands no longer will be able to position this technology as an option for the privileged people.

10. Full-size spare wheel

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

Full-size spare wheel is one of those car options that nobody thinks they have to stay on the track away from the settlements and do change the wheels.

If you can afford a new car, you should be able to purchase additional spare wheel. In addition, automakers virtually nothing is immediately equipped with a full spare wheel of any car.

11. Disc brakes

11 automobile options that should be in every new car

The fact that the manufacturers still produce cars with drum brakes instead of disc, it’s infuriating. We have historically are at the stage of development when the calipers and brake discs are quite inexpensive to manufacture. Therefore, we are surprised if the automaker continues to use drum brakes and pads.

All day to argue about what the rear brakes are not subjected to such high loads as the front or that the drums are much better protected from dirt and weather conditions when driving, but we all know that automakers introduce a buyer, selling the car using drum brakes.

It was a review of 11 car options that we think should be in every new car rolling off the Assembly line in five years. The list includes mainly features that provide comfort from the use of your “swallows”, but there are very important options that affect the preservation of life and health of the car owner or passengers in certain conditions. I hope you were interested to know our opinion, call upon to share their…