10 things your car would say if it could talk

Thank God that your car can’t talk…and here’s why.

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

What do you think would happen if cars could talk, communicating with us? For example, as a virtual voice assistant Siri or Alice? It certainly would be interesting. But, alas, while the technology is not reached in the auto world to create artificial intelligence in the car. However, some cars have learned to listen to you. And let’s imagine that right now your car has suddenly learned to talk. What would you car?


1. “Please, reassure me, saying that you know where you’re going. I’m too tired from these games by guessing the road”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

Many of us often use navigation in the car, without which, perhaps, the world would be waiting for the chaos. But, despite the fact that we have forgotten what a paper map, a lot of people behind the wheel loses the way and even with navigation can long to guess the road, stopping in constantly the wrong turn or turning on the wrong street. If our car was able to talk to us, believe me, in the first place, he would advise us to study the road before you get behind the wheel.


2. “I’m a temperamental sports car, not a bus. Please kick from the cabin of his nasty friends and don’t ever doubt my personality”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

Some motorists think their vehicle is at all occasions. And it is fine when we are talking about a seven-seat minivan or crossover. But life isn’t like that. Most motorists think their vehicle is more versatile longer. That is why many owners of small sports cars and do not mind to put in the salon more people than envisaged in its design. Recall that to overload the car with passengers is a violation of applicable law. Moreover, hammering his car with passengers as a minibus, you can damage it due to overload.


You have no idea how much about yourself would be heard, if your car has learned to speak. Never put in a car more passengers than expected, and, of course, do not overload your car with heavy Luggage. To do this, it would be nice from time to time to watch the maximum capacity of your machine, which is specified in the manual.


3. “And you call autoparallel Parking? Not that I’m embarrassed, I’m more ashamed of you”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

Oh, this parallel Parking. For many motorists parallel Parking like salt for sugar. This is the most difficult type of Parking, which exhausts into a stupor even those drivers who has long got my license and have driving experience.

You will not believe, but, according to the study, 30% experienced drivers have problems with parallel Parking. Although the rear camera and assist Parking in recent years have facilitated this task for many drivers. However, for many of us, parallel Parking is a terrible headache.


4. “Hey, boss! Have you forgotten the road to the wash? Is it really so hard to wash me?”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

When you last washed your car? Do you remember? So you want to save money? Yes, of course, every day to wash my car it makes no sense. But this is not the case when for months you forget about your iron horse. Or you love when your car displays various labels such as “Wash me”, “Tanks of a dirt are not afraid”, “my Grandfather told me the Germans don’t wash,” etc.?

Recall that washing a car need quite often if you don’t want to paint your car fell into disrepair for a short time. Especially if we are talking about the winter, when utilities do not regret the deicing agents. Don’t forget that the reactants contain road salt, which can just a few years to make some holes in the body of your car. So even in winter, despite the dirt road, if you want to keep the car, will often have to go to the car wash.


5. “Can I ask you to turn down the music and change the flash drive or CD?”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

Who doesn’t like loud music in the car? Yes, there are motorists who don’t like loud music while driving. First, it may detract from the road, and second, loud music can get a headache. But all this is not true of young drivers who can’t imagine the car without the loud music.

Unfortunately, many young drivers often forget that loud music in the car, they can disturb others. Especially hate when late in the evening or at night pulls up to the house some kind of “nine” with a few sameframe with the included music at full volume. At this point, probably, the whole house thinks it’s morning. So be sensible and remember that a car is not a concert venue. Think about the people around you.


6. “Hey, I’m afraid. Enough to imagine that we are on track or that we are the heroes of the “fast & Furious”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

Many of us are so hot behind the wheel that can’t live without adrenaline behind the wheel, forgetting that the roads of General purpose is not intended to demonstrate your driving skills. You probably noticed that in the city, if you start to drive, constantly begin to arise an emergency that can end in tears. And even professionals are not immune from accidents.

So if you want to show their skills – welcome to dedicated tracking. Especially if you only recently got behind the wheel.


7. “I understand that with the window open and fresh and beautiful, but close the window. You make me dirty”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

Many of us back to the days when cars were without air conditioning, used to ride with the window open. But today, when most motorists in the car has climate control, window open makes no sense. Do you think that with the open window fresh?

And here and there. Did you know that modern ventilation system in the car, in fact, deprived of sense to open the window? When the system ventilation, air conditioning and climate control working properly, then you will be fresh and with a closed window. Opening the window, you should know that the interior of the car begins to pollution from fine dust that flies into the machine as the cleaner. If you rarely open the window, I think that your car will tell you thank you for it.


8. “I really, really, really, really think we need to make an appointment with a good mechanic”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

I know that often the cars would speak to their masters, had learned to talk? In the first place they would every day reminds us that it’s time to find a good mechanic to show him the car, whose technical condition is poor because of our lack of attention to the condition of the car because of the frequent savings on spare parts or visits questionable garage services, where love during the fault diagnosis read the tea leaves, specifying the cause of the fault. Take pity on his car. Otherwise it really will soon learn to talk and tell you everything he thinks about you.


9. “I do not agree with this, I don’t agree with it, I don’t agree, I don’t …”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

On the one hand, and well, that our cars – the silent glands. Otherwise, we would have tired of their talkativeness. You know what would be if the cars have learned to communicate with us? Every day they said to us that do not agree with our actions behind the wheel, screaming that we are violating their rights, complained to the fact that we don’t love them and don’t pay attention to them, and constantly protested against the fact that we don’t ask their opinion, before to do something behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, this does not mean that the car can not speak, can not love and take care of it. So next time when you want to do something behind the wheel, think won’t damage your car.


10. “Why are you so impatient behind the wheel? Can’t wait? What’s the hurry? Do not hurry, I feel ill…”

10 things your car would say if it could talk 

And finally, here’s another phrase we often hear if our car could talk. Unfortunately, such a request would have heard many motorists. Alas, very often we’re in a hurry when they are driving, often breaking the Rules of the road.

Many of us do it consciously. And maybe that’s enough to exceed the established speed of movement, and to be impatient on the road? Where you in a hurry? Remember that a somewhere on the road. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone around started to hurry, not observing traffic rules? Indeed, in this case we would be expecting total chaos on the road, worse than in India.

Naturally, if our machine was the ability to speak, she would, we were constantly screaming that because of our haste it terribly.