10 things that affect the resale value of the car

The used car market, on what basis is the pricing

10 things that affect the resale value of the car

The same machine does not exist, even if we’re talking about one series, one model of vehicle that had left the plant within a few minutes. All machines are individual as snowflakes.

If new cars are so different, what can we say about the supported instances? Over the years each of them has accumulated its own history. Someone a stormy life, full of extreme acceleration and maximum speed. Others unhurried and caring, probably a good old age in a nursing home.

Some of the Oldies have detailed the story of his life, when they served and by whom, while others have no history at all. What can I say, the final price on the car b/u market affected even the color. Simple white Mercedes will cost is clearly cheaper than the identical model in the same configuration, painted in metallic green.

Let us examine, what are the most important nuances that affect the cost of a second-hand car.

10 things that can affect the resale value of the car.


The immutable fact is: the more mileage, the lower its resale value. People buy a used car and want to buy the least hackneyed option. The first thing they’ll see is the mileage. Used car with low mileage will cost more in the market.

For our Russian realities, is to make a small, but important digression. The mileage recorded on the odometer must not give a false sense of calm, he probably twisted. No one knows exactly how dire the situation is with false mileages, but examples of motley used cars on the market is not very encouraging. Even twenty-year runs of a BMW or Mercedes is rarely rolled over 500.000 km, all as on selection according to sellers have run 200, 300, maximum 400 thousand km, and That of course is suspicious and should cause triple the buyer to carefully consider the desired instance.

Surface inspection of bodywork, interior, engine compartment

“State” is the overarching term used to describe the overall appearance of the car. Visually, if the car looks sloppy, its paint coating there are numerous scratches, chips, dents and traces of rust it will certainly lose value. Chips and cracks on the glass will also have a big impact on the final price, no bargaining here will not do.

Do not dismiss the condition of the interior of the car. If you are looking salon all clear, inner panel damaged, cracked leather, broken bulbs lighting or various functions, and maybe even extraneous odors (such as cigarette smell or odor of putrefaction) can not only affect cost, but does remove the buyer from buying the car.

Return again from heaven to earth. Dishonest sellers will do everything possible to the victim even second-hand passenger car shines like new. Will hold pre-training, renew salon (if visual damage was not serious), paint chips and scratches, will remove rust and bring the body to a state of “villages and went”. That is, deliberately try to mislead you or show you the goods with perfect sides, as you like.

So, if you see a 10 year old car with a perfect body, do not hurry to run to cash out the money. Look at the car more closely, perhaps there is some kind of trick.

By the way, always the car interior will show you more than its appearance, the interior is more difficult to normalize. Jammed the steering wheel, scratched with a massive ring gearshift lever, worn to the metal substrate pedals and a gaping hole in the carpet under the right foot of the driver will create a primary impression right on the mileage of the car.

Mechanical condition

Moving on. “State” also refers to a mechanical component of the car, which is reasonable. In this section, we will only superficially touch on the theme, because it is truly limitless!

The smoke from the exhaust on a warm engine, suspension emits unusual noises while riding, oil drips, current technical liquids, this whole bouquet as a whole and each of its constituents separately, seriously will affect the bargaining.

Machines with each new generation become smarter, and parts for them, out in the astronomical sums. So do not be fooled by the fact that the desired BMW 7-Series 2005 – 2007 sold for 700 – 800 thousand roubles. The fact that she’s on the go will not say anything. The first serious failure sober ambitions careless owner.

The best way to keep the resale value of the car, is to terminate all the scheduled maintenance and to take all necessary receipts and invoices for the work performed. The rule is to keep all documentation for purchased parts, ranging from tires, ending the routine. Thus you will easily be able to prove to the buyer the transparency of the transaction and without the pitfalls.

Repeat for the thousandth time that when buying a second-hand car, no matter how new and perfect it may seem, be sure to carry out complex research, which will include:

The study of the body with a thickness gauge and a visual inspection, up to the study of surfaces, hidden under the seals;

The study of the elements of suspension systems located under the bottom;

Testing engine with the help of specialized equipment.


A terrible word for any self-respecting motorist. Rust is the biggest enemy of body panels. But don’t despair, if you see brown stains after the next winter.

There are two kinds of rust – superficial (not very dangerous, the first bell that it is time to accept cosmetic measures) and running (here with her and start the problem).

Unfortunately, the Russian winter reagent, sooner or later, kills any car. especially at the bottom. Old – much sooner new later. How to deal with her education written in this article: care of the brakes of the car. Corrosion in the brake lines

If you want to sell the car and suddenly found pockets of rust, not in a hurry to repaint elements of the body.

Inspect the problematic area. Maybe it’s surface rust and it will be easy to remove with improvised tools. If it’s bad, there are exactly three ways, and each is not perfect:

To sell the car “as is” with the loss of funds;

To remove rust and to sell the car as “not painted”. The problem in this case may lie in the fact that, if the buyer is savvy enough (and after reading this article he will be), he’ll take a feeler gauge and prozvoniv tool, the clamped section will know that the item has been after-market refinishing. To prove that the car has not been in an accident will be extremely difficult.

A third option is to buy a new part and paint it. Absolutely irrational way to nowhere, simply thrown out money.

The ideal is not to lead to corrosion, often to wash your car in winter, wash the underbody and monitor the condition of the paintwork.

The Accident/Repair

The road is unpredictable. Unfortunately, it is sometimes accidents do happen. Even a small collision which left a small dent can cause significant monetary losses from the sell-side.

Also another option is very dangerous – poor quality repair after a serious accident. View this video and make sure without a total check of vehicle purchased and this cannot be done. As they say, without comments:

Color and tuning

The next item on the agenda is the color of the car.

Here is an example: the Yellow car will not be as popular as white or silver cars, so keep that in mind when buying a new car. If you want a hassle-free to resell it one day, it would be advisable to stick to buying the car with a more neutral color scheme that attracts more people.

On the other hand, an exclusive color scheme will raise the cost of the car when selling and will probably attract more affluent buyers who want to stand out from the crowd. Not everyone can travel on black and white cars, at the end of it all.

Several other piece is waiting for us inside the cabin. As the owner is almost always inside the car, he will prefer the classic color scheme. Cold, not a tense tone, a balanced color palette, it will attract a potential buyer.

Tuning. Even more difficult things with the tuning versions. And that the machines subjected to the tuning garage that the cars from the famous tuning Studio, will have problems when selling. In the first case because of the peculiar eye of the owner at the beautiful, second because of the very high prices luxury car.

The geography of sales

Also an important part in the art of selling/buying a second-hand car.

Machine in the South, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, will be preserved much better than cars from Moscow or St. Petersburg. As you may have guessed the meaning is that in the South there is no winter, and there are no reagents. This body is preserved better, almost do not rot technical elements of the car.

It would seem that you need to go to buy a car in the South, to bring her to him in the Central or Northern part of Russia and forget about rust for many years. Again, do not rush, and in this case is not so simple. There is a high probability that the metal is not a new car over the years “got used” to the hot climate. A little burned paint, deteriorated its protective properties. And once such a car will appear in the Northern latitudes and especially faced with the reagents, it in the shortest time can catch up with their Northern counterparts, simply rot for a couple of years.

Second, if you decided to implement a car in a foreign region, examine the statistics. On the ride than most local motorists? If it is the North of the country or city with bad roads, here will be more practical to sell the SUV or crossover.

If you sell the car in the metropolis, the preferences will be Ford mid-size cars.

If you sell a car in Moscow, the difference in how the body, power, engine size, vehicle type and its exclusivity is not, sooner or later the machine is still gone. These are the laws of the city.

P. S. to Buy a car regions I’d rather not. First, it will cost more than in major cities. Secondly, the roads in the regions not of very good quality, and it will affect the technical condition of the car. Thirdly, the quality of the repair and THAT these cars often worse in comparison with the transport in the possession of residents of large cities.

Supply and demand

Demand and supply dictates of their cars residual value. Cars limited edition will be worth much more expensive than their mass counterparts. Exclusive machine in perfect condition may eventually even start to rise in price. It concerns a sports car, rare versions of popular models, vintage cars, etc.

Interestingly, some of the options on a particular model can enhance its value. Some cars, especially sports versions, can cost more if the car is equipped with manual and not automatic transmission. On the other hand, the automatic transmission makes a car more attractive to the General public.

Brand image

Some brands retain their value better than others, usually this manufacturers producing perfectly reliable machine. I am sure that many of you thought about Toyota. Indeed, the way it is. Even despite the fact that the Japanese automaker does not create such powerful and luxurious cars like its competitors, the cost of second-hand Toyotas are always higher due to their reliability and build quality.

On the other hand, vehicles with less than stellar reputations are doomed to a loss of value. Example – Hyundai, for too long, it was positioned as cheap and not very reliable automaker. With the first point the Koreans figured out, Hyundai has ceased to be cheap, with a second Korean conglomerate can not cope so far.

Discounts on new cars

You bought a new car in the showroom with a big discount? You are very lucky, twice you will save money. The second time you will feel the benefits during the sale.