10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Revolution in restyling, 10 examples of the most daring changes to the exterior of the car

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Some producers prefer the evolutionary way of development of their models, the majority of them. A smaller part capable of revolution, blurring the limits and breaking stereotypes, they create masterpieces of contemporary automotive art. Sometimes they manage to hit a big jackpot. On them we will discuss today.

Most likely you have heard various jokes about the Porsche 911, namely its design, which essentially has not changed for decades. I think it is a miscalculation of designers? No, it’s their shrewdness. A modern classic like the 911 Porsche doesn’t need serious changes of appearance, all the main basic features were incorporated in it at its creation. Teaches us that old adage, don’t fix if not broken. But for those models who are not lucky enough to become a modern classic, and whose appearance is far from perfect proportions and precise lines, deep redesign is often necessary as the air. Without it they are doomed to oblivion and modest sales. Alas. Such manufacturers have to conduct deep upgrade their models, as they say from bumper to bumper.

There is a second extreme side of the phenomenon when the model of the car sold well, but for some reason the automaker decided to improve that, and so has a good performance in the market. In this case, you can get two directly opposite result, or the public will accept the new that will improve sales performance or a ratio of the updated model will be almost irretrievably damaged. Buyers will be disappointed in the updated model and turn away from it, as it was with the Honda Civic of the penultimate generation.

Well, in most cases, manufacturers have a chance to correct mistakes and correct the situation. Great that it was done and the Japanese automaker, which, before reaching the point of no return, was able to return the model to its former glory and status of its legendary models of the Civic.

So what were the most dramatic redesign and updating models the last years, successful manufacturers? Today we will consider only positive examples.

10. Ford Escape

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Modern Ford Escape is a stylish crossover that recently received mid-term update for the 2017 model year. But a significant part of its redesign came with the 2013 model year when the American automaker refused to square the style, replacing the angular design to something more elegant. What impresses even more is the fact that, logically, Ford didn’t need a reason for such a radical and dramatic redesign.

Despite the fact that it was essentially the same car as he entered the market in 2001 (even after updating appearance), Escape received an unprecedented success and was even able to outperform the nearest competitors, their sworn enemies in the market such as Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

American blue oval on the radiator filtrerede secured success by implementing its own initiative, One Ford, one Ford for all countries and markets in the world, Escape has managed to conquer the hearts of car enthusiasts across the globe.

9. Honda Civic

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

From the beginning to the end of the 90-ies, the Honda Civic may have been the most popular compact car in the market. It was a Golden time Japanese car with a sporty character. The tuners from all over the world fell in love with the unpretentious style of this car, and the ease of replacement with more powerful engines from other models of Honda and Acura made the Civic even more attractive. But then something changed in the development strategy of Honda Civic and slowly began to lose its appeal. This has happened for many years. It came down to the fact that Honda has started to update its model range with the speed gun, repeatedly showing the audience new variations of the Civic. But even that was not enough. Sales have consistently gone down. Was needed drastic measures.

And now, in 2016, it looks like everything had changed, came a new model, and it apparently attracted many fans and sympathizers Honda motorists. Despite the fact that appearance is not much different compared to its predecessor, especially if you compare them side by side, the changes in it, and the improvement is huge. The new model instantly won a huge number of positive reviews and has already received a number of awards, including not one military title of “Car of the year”. It remains to fix the result. Enthusiasts from all over the world look forward to the sporty Si and the most powerful version of Type R in the entire history of the legendary model. I’m sure they will not be deceived in their expectations.

8. Hyundai Sonata

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Hyundai wasn’t always an upstanding Korean automaker as it is today. A lot of it has changed. More needs to happen. Rumor has it that the arrival of the 2011 Hyundai Sonata has turned for many, the idea of the Brand. Prior to this, most, if not all models of Hyundai was simple, reliable and boring. The advent of the style “Fluidic Sculpture” made in the design company a fresh approach. Sonata turned into a real contender in the segment among midsize sedans. They began to remake other models in the Hyundai lineup, much improved quality, style, functionality and performance (read power). Major changes in car design does not often lead to positive results. In the case of Hyundai this factor has played an incredible role in the promotion of the brand among its competitors not only in Europe and Asia, but also the most difficult competitor and the market in the United States.

7. Chevrolet Malibu

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Chevrolet Malibu have long waged a futile, uphill battle against the more popular models in the segment such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Recently, the American automaker has made a real statement in the lead which came with the debut of the 2016 model year. She is beautiful all technical stuffing, and a dramatic restyling, as they say from bumper to bumper. The style of the previous model was bland and boring, and even such competitors of those years, as the Hyundai Sonata was more attractive. That all changed with the latest model on the market, which is not only an example of a modern car, but looks nice and aggressive. So that there is not afraid of this word, it is attractive. Perhaps some conservative-minded citizens will have to get used to new things, but improvements that held the Chevrolet Malibu means that it is now a viable option in a crowded segment.

6. Nissan Maxima

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

As well as the Hyundai Sonata and Chevrolet Malibu, the Nissan sedan was a major restyling for the model Maxima, the matter was urgent and paramount. Needed a variant to better compete in a crowded segment. And the guys from Nissan have done this by providing in 2016, the new Nissan Maxima.

Just look how dramatic and qualitative shift from one generation to the next! New style stunning, these changes really picked up a new Maxima. The front part has become much more aggressive and stylish compared to what we’ve seen before, at the same time, subtle lines of the body carry more individuality than ever in the history of the model. Under the hood a 3.5-liter V6 provides 300 horsepower and this car can also be called quite prompt.

5. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Conservative German brands generally create a large field for the emergence of jokes, when it comes to upgrades. Porsche 911 60 years and 2016 is externally essentially the same car. One gets the feeling that each successive generation of the BMW 3 and 4 series does not see any significant changes in recent years. Mercedes-Benz used the same recipe for years. The situation changed only when competitors started to step on any toes. With the resurgence of Audi in the market, look at a lot of things had to change.

When the time came for the revision of the popular C-Class, the German automaker set to work with renewed energy and a fresh perspective. Of course, the style started to look the same in the entire range of the company, but it’s not so bad, as he perceived very harmonious and balanced. The differences between what was before and what was the “after” significant in the final model, C-Class, both in coupe and sedan with a wagon. Now the model has a more stylish and curvy exterior, the front part became more refined and sporty. Many have noted that the style C-Class ambiguous, especially if we are talking about the rear of the car and specifically about his tail lights. Nevertheless, the overall impression

4. Toyota Prius

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

If the purpose of our list was finding the strange change in appearance of the car, the Toyota Prius, probably would have taken first place.

According to some reports, the redesign of the Prius has been delayed because he wasn’t aggressive enough, which ultimately led to the crazy hybrid that we have today. Looks like Toyota is really trying to make the Prius, and looks more exciting sports car, leaving it attached to the bottoms of the car- “botany”. A sharp and aggressive lines of the body needs to make plans matter.

Don’t know how invented design can attract buyers, but it is. Importantly, the owners did not come hard, the frustration of the dissonance between external characteristics and inner content.

3. Ford Mustang

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Being one of the most famous American car manufacturers in the world, Ford should be especially careful when it comes to updating their iconic sports cars. Brand need to keep. And Ford is holding her!

The modern iteration of the Mustang was not only able to retain the stylistic features and “trademark” of the family, but at the same time managed to show the world a modern design and new approach of the vehicle manufacturer to create their models.

Compare previous and new models side by side. You can see how huge the difference between them. The model has streamlined headlights and a more sculpted front section gives the car a special sophisticated look. But like this generation, not only for its external features, but for a truly sporting character, a 5.2-liter V8 engine under the hood with a capacity of 526 HP and 581 Nm of torque, paired with a six-speed manual transmission. That in addition to the five-liter V8 under the hood, installed four-cylinder turbo engine you probably already heard. Unpleasant moment for all fans of hardcore musculosos. Although, if you look on the other hand, progress must not stand still.

2. Ford GT

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

Do you agree with this or not, but the new Ford GT stunningly beautiful. He appears as a wild, crazy Mustang, while it is perfectly built, beautiful and in addition has a remarkable capacity. He was so different from the previous generation Ford GT that the U.S. automaker, putting it at the motor show in Europe was shocked by the public reaction, few could have guessed that this supercar belongs to Ford.

Otherwise, Ford has managed to retain all the vivid details of their offspring that made his name, not forgetting to use to achieve the goal of modern technology.

The result was one of the most exquisite car that gets a well-deserved second place on our list.

1. Acura NSX

10 of the most incredible changes of appearance of the car

But the most dramatic redesign in recent years to go to the Acura NSX. The Japanese automaker has done an impressive job of creating a luxury supercar, and it’s not just style that rewrote the history of creating sports cars. Instead of having to put behind the cab a mediocre petrol engine, the new NSX got a hybrid powertrain with a V6 engine with twin turbo in combination with three electric motors with a total system output of 573 HP

Many years ago, the Acura NSX was considered a Ferrari or a Lamborghini from Japan. But over the years, the NSX has lost its glitter and lost the Nissan GTR, although GTR has never been so strong and fast. Now Honda returns to the big game, the latest NSX to help him, every change which went in his favor. A well-deserved first place.