10 facts you probably didn’t know about the movie “fast and furious”

Top unknown facts about the fast and furious franchise.

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

How well you know the series of films “Forsazh”, which entered the ranking of the highest grossing films in history? Recall that at the moment in the new trilogy continues filming new series “fast & Furious” which will be released on world screens in April 2020. This part will be the 9th. Naturally, many fans of the franchise know about their heroes and the cars that starred in the movie almost everything. But there is little known interesting facts about the famous painting. We have gathered for you all the fun that you probably don’t know. So there you go.


1) In the history of cinema screens was already released movie with the same name

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

You know, like the movie “fast and furious” is called in the original? Yes, the picture has the original title completely different – “Fast & Furious”. For the whole world “fast and furious” known with this name. For the Russian version, it was decided to give another name to the picture. Few people know, but long before the premiere of the first part of “fast and Furious” in world hire there was already a movie called “Fast & Furious”.


This picture was published in 1955. The film tells about the man accused of murder he did not commit. This film is full of car chases and stunts. So the modern “fast and furious” does not violate the copyright of the first film, as the film is completely different. Although it is recognized that the filmmakers before filming the franchise decided the legal issues with the owners of the copyrights to the first film with the title “Fast & Furious”.


2) Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster had a driver’s license before filming the first movie

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

You will not believe, but the actress who played MIA, and Letty before the filming of the first part of the “fast and Furious” did not even have a driver’s license. Not only the Actresses didn’t even have driving experience. Subsequently actress got a driver’s license.


3) the Second part of the fast and the Furious had two scenarios

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

You might remember that in the second part of fast and Furious in the picture is not starred VIN Diesel, who refused to shoot, because he didn’t like the script. Also recall that the shooting and the third part of the movie passed without the main character, which in the first part, played by VIN Diesel.


But despite this “Triple fast and the Furious” (fast and furious-3) at the end of the movie VIN Diesel has appeared. Did you know that the Studio that filmed the fast and the furious-2, ordered two scenarios: one involving the main character Dominic Toretto , played by VIN Diesel, and the other without the participation of the popular actor.


By the way, when it became clear that VIN Diesel will not star in fast and the Furious-2 Studio has decided to enter into a film a new hero (Roman Pearce) that was played by Tyrese Gibson. In the end, this role in the fast and the Furious-2 brought the actor worldwide fame. By the way, the actor is still starring in the fast and the Furious, the franchise will not be complete.


4) Paul Walker is a real street racer

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

For the actor Paul Walker who played the main character of the fast and the Furious Brian O’conner, had no problem with the participation in the shooting, which took place driving a sports car. The fact that the actor knew firsthand about street racing, since he participated in the real street competition.


Also at the time the first shots from the Floor in the garage had a few powerful cars. For example his favorite car at the time was a sports car Nissan Skyline. By the way, this model starred in the second part of the film. Including the experience of racing allowed the actor to appear without an understudy in many scenes of the film related to race and chase.


5) the Actor who played Han in fast and Furious earlier also starred in other films

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

Recall that the actor song Kang appeared in the film Tokyo drift (fast & furious 3), who played Khan. Many people think that this actor became famous only at the beginning of the filming of the fast and Furious. But it’s not. Earlier, the actor has acted in various famous movies. So, starred in the crime drama “better luck Tomorrow”.


6) the Legend set drifting stunts in the movie Tokyo drift

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

Few people know that in the third part of the fast and the Furious (Tokyo drift) most of the stunts drifting car put a real professional in this business. We are talking about Keiichi Tsuchiya – the legend of the world of drifting. By the way, this racer even starred in an episode of the third part of fast and Furious.


Moreover, the driver was a coordinator and stuntman in the staging of stunts. Also, the fast and the Furious 3, you can see the legendary car drift-Keiichi Tsuchiya – Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno.


7) We can thank Facebook for appearing in the fast and Furious actor Dwayne Johnson (Rock)

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

Sources claim that the script of fast & furious 5 was originally written with a new character, who was supposed to play Tommy Lee Jones. After the appearance of the script, the producer of the film (VIN Diesel) saw on Facebook, where I saw the review of a fan film that would be nice to see Afterburner on screen popular actor Dwayne Johnson.


This comment inspired Diesel and Director Justin Lee. In the end, it was decided to create a new script under Johnson. This is one of the rare examples, like a normal review in the social network changed the movie fast and furious.


8) Even Michelle Rodriguez didn’t know about the unexpected resurrection

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

According to the actress she was as surprised as the audience while watching a film about the resurrection of her heroine. Recall that Letty’s script of the film was killed in the fourth film. But at the end of the 5th part of the film to the audience hinted that the death of Letty wasn’t real.


As a result, in the 6th movie we saw the main character. The most interesting thing that Michelle Rodriguez, who played Letty found out about this also just watching the 5th part of the fast and Furious.


9) the runway in fast & Furious 6″ was extremely long

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

Remember the final scene in fast & Furious 6 involving aircraft. Did you notice that the shooting happened on too long the runway? Naturally, such a landing do not exist.


So in this scene, not without computer graphics and installation. But many fans of the fast and the Furious was not only interested in this. For example there were even those who figured out what length runway would be.


So the climactic scene of fast & Furious 6 includes a plane, which for a long time trying to take off. The scene lasts 13 minutes. The plane moves along the runway at a speed of 185 km/h.


The result using mathematical calculation we can conclude that the length of the runway is slightly more than 45 kilometers.


10) fast and furious-3 Tokyo drift in fact of the chronology of events in the movie is the 6th film.

10 facts you probably didn't know about the movie  

Recall that the fast and the furious 3, in which the action takes place in Tokyo, appeared on the screens after the movie furious (the fast and the furious-2). Next, if you remember came fast and furious-4 etc.


So, in the fast and the Furious 3 we recall the character of Khan, who suddenly dies in this film. But then Khan appears in subsequent paintings of the franchise. The thing is that in chronological order the fast and the furious-3 is actually the sixth part of the film, as with this film he is associated with the script.