10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

10 mistakes while driving that can cost you dearly

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

Probably, all people like to think they are good drivers. However, the criteria making you a good motorist in a state of flux, are discussed and adjusted. When training in a driving school far behind, and you have been plunged into the world of traffic it’s easy to succumb to the temptation of permissiveness and harmful to pick up stupid habits from other road users.

Not long ago I compiled a list of the 10 most common mistakes drivers who sooner or later, often or rarely, make all car drivers.

And so, the Top 10 most common mistakes of drivers.

  • 1. The driver not paying enough attention to what is happening on the road

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

When you are 2.0 ton metal shell, low-flying over the road, a lot can go wrong even if you focus on driving. But if you don’t pay attention to road conditions, being distracted, the potential for disaster is greatly increased. Sending text messages, talking on the phone, socializing with friends, playing with children, reflection and meditation on the meaning of life, all the wonderful things, but NOT driving, because they seriously distract from driving. Abstract of driving, you become potentially dangerous both for themselves and for others.

Conclusion: probably to get away from the road is impossible, especially if you eat on a long trip, but try to be more focused, because the more you pay attention to the road, the safer you are driving.

  • 2. Pay attention to the right things

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

Even if you are completely focused on the road, in some parts of the driving process should pay a little more attention than others. For example, if you focus too much on road signs you may not notice, as he shifted to another lane.

Or if you’re staring at the rapidly approaching Porsche in your rearview mirror, you can lose sight of the braking car in front of you.

If you look too far ahead, you can not in time to see a big pothole or foreign object on the road.

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Conclusion: a good spoon for dinner. You must learn to respond instantly to changing traffic conditions. Skill comes with years.

  • 3. Follow the tire pressure, don’t let him fall to critical

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

The tires are the only automobile parts that connect it with the road, so they are incredibly important. Unfortunately, for most drivers, the tires are the last thing they have in mind until your dashboard indicator light is on critical low pressure or not you will find a completely flat tire, well, if the pressure in it will not fall while driving.

Conclusion: ideally, you should regularly check the tire pressure. This will help not only to improve the safety of movement, but also to reduce fuel consumption. By the way, also watch out for the gathering-the collapse, it is advisable to check it every six months, after changing tyres for the season or still flew in the big hole on the road. So you will be able to keep the tires in better condition with minimal wear.

  • 4. Parallel Parking, can not and do not want to learn!

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

You think that this item is not so important for the driver? You are wrong! In fact, any self-respecting and others the driver need to be able to parallel Park.

First, if you know how delicately to Park in urban crowding, thus you will save your nerves.

Secondly, if you Park well you will save your and other people’s cars in their original form, without damaging the paintwork unwanted contact.

Third, if you Park correctly, you will never damage the tire on the curb.

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Conclusion: train to Park correctly. If you do not know how, take a more experienced friend and go. Hours spent on a safe training ground, will not go in vain! As they say, hard to learn, easy in battle!

  • 5. Unnecessary purchase of premium fuel

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

In some cars really need to fill premium fuel, but for the vast majority of modern cars, the fuel quality premium is not necessary. A car that is not designed to run on premium 98-m gasoline will not work from it better.

On the other hand, some cars that require premium petrol is quite capable of running on regular fuel. They, of course, will not give maximum power, but for everyday driving will be the same.

Read the user manual of the car and find out what the recommended oil must be poured in your tank. Because the overpayment of premium in annual terms will result in a significant amount.

Conclusion: read our article on this topic

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  • 6. Ignoring wet roads

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

Drive carefully in the rain, especially careful to just wet the pavement. In the first few minutes of rain on the surface of the water emerges the subtle invisible slippery film of oil deposited on the road surface.

Also, don’t forget about the effect of aquaplaning in excess of the rate of motion, reduced grip and increased braking distance. Plus don’t forget about the deterioration of visibility in a downpour.

Conclusion: be reasonable in bad weather. And read our articles. There is explained how to drive in rain and snow.

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  • 7. Aggressive use of the pedals

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

Delicate work with the pedals – the key to safety and efficiency. No need without much need to press the trigger on the floor or slow down, like you’re in a computer game.

Conclusion: Drive a car like this is a big ocean liner and you are the captain, which aims to overcome the distance from point A to point B with a minimum amount of unnecessary acceleration and braking. Calculate the situation in advance. In the distance lit up a red light? No need to rush to it first, it is better to slowly drive up to it without any extra manipulation of the gas and brake pedals. The car after many years of such careful use, will thank you.

  • 8. Change your mind turn

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

Never hear, never make rash, spontaneous actions on the road. This can be fraught with trouble. A very common mistake not only of beginners but also experienced drivers, is that, missing a turn, they at the last moment tried to get at him, suddenly turning through all the rows and not seeing anyone around, rushing to clear only for his goal. So absolutely can NOT do!

Conclusion: mark your maneuvers in advance. Blinker is the best friend of the driver and other road users. Well, if you still missed the turn, do not tempt fate, find your nearest u-turn or turn elsewhere.

  • 9. An incorrectly configured car

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

Know why in the world there is such a wide variety of clothing sizes? Yes, because everyone is different, height, weight, figure. One size does not fit all. The same can be said about cars. To feel good behind the wheel, you need to configure the controls for yourself. It’s taken care of the manufacturers. You need only make the appropriate adjustments.

Adjust yourself under the seat, seat belts, steering column and mirrors.

You will feel more comfortable will be better to see what’s around you on the road and react better in an emergency situation, if you properly adjust.

Conclusion: adjustment is an important element of a successful flying car.

  • 10. Pass IT regularly

10 common mistakes that should not make the driver

The regular passage we talked a lot. With facts why you should keep track of your car and what are the consequences of ignoring the passage of the maintenance of your iron horse is written in detail in the following materials:

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Conclusion: Follow the technical condition of your car, and it will not fail you at the right time. Saving today, tomorrow you will have to pay exorbitant prices, because the avaricious pays twice, remember this.